[vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_tabs style=”modern” active_section=”7″][vc_tta_section title=”Round 1″ tab_id=”1447935471260-4ea808e4-3a56″][vc_column_text]Dad's big motherThere was a sense of excitement and anticipation that oozed through the air on Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning as competitors prepared and travelled to various locations around the Shady Camp system in preparation for the beginning of the 2015 Top End Barra Series. Some were just pumped for an excuse to get out and chase the elusive barramundi while others were keen to reunite with friends for the opening round and the newcomers were keen to see what the Top End Barra Series was all about. But most significantly everyone was excited to be wetting a line to be in with a chance of tangling with one of those big barramundi known as ‘Shady Ladies’ which Shady Camp is so famous for.

IMG_1464Round 1 of the 2015 Top End Barra Series kicked off on Saturday 14th March at Shady Camp at 6am where around 110 competitors took to the water to measure their five best barramundi over the weekend to see who would take out the honours of Champion Angler for the opening round. Competitors could fish along the coast between Marsh Creek to the Wildman River, the Shady system including the fresh water side and the Mary River Bridge Lagoon. The middle of March is normally a pretty safe time to pencil in some great fishing at Shady Camp as it has in the past few years, but unfortunately for this year Shady Camp rain gods just did not deliver the goods as planned. The run off has pretty much come and gone, and competitors were greeted at the mouths Sampan and Tommy Cut by filthy water with no fresh pushing out of the mouths and there was also high winds for most of the weekend, so only a handful of crews braved the conditions and headed out to fish any of the coastal creeks.

EvanWith the coastal creeks all but out of action, and the mouths producing filthy water it was really quite a different scenario to what we would normally see in March at Shady Camp and there was a lot of people running and gunning all over the place just trying to register a fish on the board. Some competitors consisted to penetrate the mouths hoping that a big one would jump on aboard, some moved up and down the Tommy Cut and Sampan systems trolling the middle, the snags and basically looking for cleaner water, and others ventured upstream into the creek systems and the dead forest flicking around at junctions, snags and eddies, and on Sunday I did see a couple of crews pull out of Shady Slat and then put their boats in on the fresh side in a last ditch effort to try and get on to some scoring fish. For those of you looking at heading out to Shady Camp I would like to give some advice on what and where worked the best over the weekend, but to be honest there was no real patterns that emerged from our observations or from the data that emerged from the weekend in the form of the results. Last year, the change of the low at the mouths was the ‘go to’ time, however this year fish were caught spasmodically all through the day at various parts of the tide and there was no such identifiable pattern that emerged. It was one of those weekends, where you just needed to assess the conditions and have a plan and adjust your plan according to the conditions. I know many head to the mouths and troll, although many moved around a lot more this year as the mouths did not look promising. In saying this though Sandie Dean’s weekend started off with a bang at the mouth of Tommy Cut.


Sandie Dean was trolling the mouth of Tommy Cut early Saturday morning when she had a moment that will be entrenched in Top End Barra Series history. Sandie Dean not only caught her biggest barra to date, and not the just the biggest barra in round 1 of the Top End Barra Series, but she caught the biggest barramundi in the Top End Barra Series 5 year history. The previous largest barramundi ever in the Top End Barra Series History was a 108cm caught by Kai Argent at the Daly River last year, well Sandie did not just beat this record she absolutely smashed it by catching a whopping 125cm barramundi, so a massive congratulations goes out to Sandie on this magical achievement. And on top of this, the second biggest barramundi in our short five year history was also caught over the weekend by Grant Diery at 112cm, so a big congratulations goes out to Grant for a very momentous catch also. So as you can see, although the conditions were not ideal and most found it tough, there were rewards to be had with a couple of stonking fish caught that will keep dragging people back out to shady in the weeks to come.

IMG_1436The stats that count. Out of around 110 competitors on the weekend there were a total of 158 fish registered between 59 people, so around 50 went back home with the dreaded doughnut. There were two fish caught over the magical metre mark, 1 in the 90cm range, 9 in the 80cm range, 28 in the 70cm range, 64 in the 60cm range and 54 in the 50cm range. This compares slightly worse than last years figures where we had 276 fish caught and 2 meteries, but is better than 2013 where we only had 59 fish caught, although in 2013 we had 8 fish caught over the metre mark.

IMG_1467The scoring system is aimed to reward the big fish and when the fish get huge this is certainly magnified. In the end Sandi Dean’s massive barra netted her 1110 points which enough for her to take out round 1 of the Top End Barra Series. Coming in second was a newcomer in Grant Diery who picked up the 112cm and an 81cm to amass 865 points. Coming in third was the ever reliable James Park who mainly trolled up and down Tommy Cut in the clear water and filled his bag on Saturday with a 62cm, 87cm, 78cm, 66cm and a 73cm to total 795 points. Coming in fourth was last years series leader in Shane Moon with a 68cm, 65cm, 70cm, 70cm and a 73cm to total 645 points and rounding out the top 5 was the 2012 series winner in Greg Shields with a 65cm, 80cm and an impressive 92cm which was caught a few km up inside Tommy Cut in the clear water aswell.

Congratulations to all involved in the weekend, and I hope you all had a great time, I know I did. Now if you thought round 1 was a challenge, wait until we get to round 2. In round 2 we will embark on the upstream stretches of the Adelaide River (Upstream of Black Jungle) and there is a saying around the top end which goes like this ‘There are no fish in the Adelaide’ and this was enough for us to set the challenge of fishing the Adelaide in round 2. It will certainly be a tough round for most, but we will all be fishing on a level playing field and to me as an organiser, this round is the most exciting round of the year as we get 100 fisho’s out fishing the Adelaide and get some true data on how it is fishing. Thank you to everyone for a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all in round 2.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Round 2″ tab_id=”1447935471523-86dc8946-4e88″][vc_column_text]

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Round 3″ tab_id=”1447935550534-8b2b3b13-6682″][vc_column_text]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Saturday and Sunday down at the Daly saw probably the most boat trailers at the Daly River Ramp that it has seen this year as around 100 competitors embarked on the Daly River for round 3 of the 2015 Top End Barra Series. The weather was great, the atmosphere was electric and there were smiles all the way down the river which was great to see. Back at the ramp on Saturday morning I gave up counting trailers when I got to 60, although on the water it did not look as though there were that many people on the river as everyone was very scattered all over the river trying to tame a Daly River Barramundi. Unfortunately after three poor wet seasons in a row that famous Daly is now only a smidgeon on what it used to be, but on a positive note, when you are fishing the Daly you are always in with a chance of snagging one of the big elusive meteries which is what makes this place so special. And once again even though the fishing was tough there was a metery caught once again. This time it was Chris Dunkerton who managed to catch a 100cm barramundi at the S Bends on Sunday morning, so a big congratulations goes out to Chris on his memorable catch.

IMG_1704People laugh at me when I compare our results of the Daly round to the Adelaide round but for the second year in a row these two rounds have scored very similar. In round 3 at the Daly 18 anglers picked up 36 scoring fish and in round 2 at the Adelaide 17 anglers registered 33 scoring fish showing just how similar these two rivers are fishing. It is a shame to see the Daly fishing like it is these days, but it is not alone, as with three poor wet seasons, fishing for barramundi right across the Top End’s big rivers has become more difficult. Even though the fishing has been difficult everyone has still been in great spirits on the river and are still trying hard and having fun weekend which is great to see.


KaiI remember like it was yesterday when we fished at the Daly for our first two years in 2011 and 2012 and fish were abundant, although it has been a different story in the next three years. In 2015 a measly 18 anglers scored a total of 36 fish over the weekend, this is fairly similar to what happened in 2013 where 17 anglers picked up a total of 27 fish. Interestingly in 2014 28 anglers picked up 51 fish, which is better than 2013 and 2015 although it is still very poor fishing when you think about almost 100 people are on the water over the weekend.


1505 TEBS R3 Sunset on Daly River 08 - CopyThere were boats all over the river on the weekend as everyone tried to find barramundi in their own way. Some chose to focus on the cleaner water up the top whilst others chose to stay in the dirty water trying for a big one and some tackled the crossing land based where plenty of undersize fish were caught along with a couple of scorers. In the end there were six fish registered above 70cm with one going over the magical metre mark, there were fourteen in the 60cm range and 16 in the 50cm range. Peter Cooper managed to stay focused over the weekend and fished through night on fizzers and his dedication paid off as he was the only competitor to fill his bag of five fish, and this was enough to net him round 3 Champion Angler. Peter scored a 78cm, 73cm, 60cm, 57cm and a 54cm totaling 510 points. Coming in second with 410 points was Chris Dunkerton who scored one single fish, but it was a cracker at 100cm. Rounding out the top three was the ever reliable Kai Argent with a 68cm, 67cm, 66cm and a 57cm for 405 points.


I am sure after the difficult past couple of rounds everyone will enjoy a break from the barramundi and will enjoy heading out chasing a few peagics before round 4 kicks off in Darwin Harbour on Saturday August 29th. As we head into half way last year’s series winner Shane Moon once again finds himself in familiar territory sitting in first place on the series scoreboard with 477 points, Kai Argent is once again right on Shane’s hammer on 471 points, Greg Shields sits in third with 432 points, Regis Martin is in fourth with 408 points and Regis’ skipper Brett Warren rounds out the top 5 with 348 points.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Round 4″ tab_id=”1447935576555-97e3e2c4-bd52″][vc_column_text]Penno BarraRound 4 of the 2015 Top End Barra Series was held on the striking waters of Darwin Harbour on Saturday August 29th and Sunday August 30th.  The weather was what you would expect for this time of year with light breezes in the morning and with the wind picking up around lunch time. There has been some great reports from all the Harbour gurus around the place in the lead up to round 4, although now it was time to see how all the TEBS competitors would fare in this delicate environment.

CHINI say delicate, as people who regularly fish the harbour with consistent quality results, are those that have spent many hours learning what makes the harbour tick by building up a book of knowledge of where the fish will be on certain tides and how best to target them. For the regular fisho the Harbour can be quite an art form to find fish, and practice can make perfection, and I think after the weekend there will be plenty of competitors that have learnt some more and they will be back in the next few weeks to build on that in preparation for the 2016 Harbour Round.

GraysonThe Harbour round really showcases what Darwin has got to offer and it really ticks a lot of boxes for the avid angler. For starters it is a very economical way to fish, not having to tow your boat large distances, also there are a variety of different methods to target fish, there are great by catches such as queen fish, mangrove jacks, goldies, salmon ad trevally, there is a healthy stock of barramundi present, the more you practice the better your knowledge and catch rates will improve and finally  the beauty of it is that even on a weekend there is always somewhere to go in the Harbour where you will be lucky to find another boat.

Brendan Pringle 54cmOver the weekend there were plenty of people mentioning how many fish they saw, but they just could not get them hooked or stay connected which is also great news. Even though there was a great number of fish caught it is also great to hear that anglers were presented with plenty of more opportunities over the weekend that can not be seen in the statistics. This is certainly different to the past two rounds, where it was a real battle to even find a fish let alone catch one. A lot of competitors were commenting on how many fish were spotted on the flats, although they were very difficult to entice a lure, maybe this will change as the water continues to heat up during the build up.

GraysonCompetitors were scattered all over the harbour on the weekend, and to be honest I think the ones who caught the most fish were the ones with more experience of the Harbour or as the old saying goes ‘they were in the right spot at the right time, with the correct method. There were a variety of Harbour methods used over the weekend, but the most obvious were casting to the flats on the high and working the drains on the low.

From around 100 competitors there 101 fish caught over the weekend. This may not sound huge but it is actually a very good result. You must remember barra fishing is not easy and in particular it has been tough in the past few years. To put this into comparison compared to our other rounds this year this was a very good result. In round 1 at Shady Camp there were 158 fish caught, in round 2 at the Adelaide River there were 33 caught and in round 3 at the iconic Daly River there were 36 fish caught, so the Harbour has certainly shown it is a great fishery when you look around our past results. Another promising note is how the Harbour has improved from last year. In 2014 we caught 81 barramundi with 6 over 70cm, where as in 2015 we caught 101 with 13 over 70cm. This shows an improvement in catch rates as well as an improvement in size which is all great news for the Darwin barramundi fisherman. In the end there were 13 barramundi over 70cm caught, 30 between 60 and 69cm and 58 between 50 and 59cm.

Kai ArgentKai Argent made fishing Darwin Harbour look easy by catching a full bag of five fish including three in the seventies to total 640 points and take out the round and his first victory of the season after coming second in round 2. Kai will be rewarded with a Helifish trip with Helifish and will also be the proud owner of a LJ Custom Rod. In second place was Kyle Chin who caught 2 in the seventies and 3 in the sixties to total an impressive 585 points. In third place for his first points of the year was Stephen Pennington with 525 points from a 79cm, 69cm, 66cm and a 65cm. Stephen Pennington got the Bigfish Grphics Biggest Barra Award with his 79cm, and what made his efforts even more impressive was that he was only able to fish on the Saturday. Aaron Pollock picked up the second biggest barramundi at 78cm. The top three were impressive and quite dominant showing that they had the skills to tame the harbour as they amassed quite a lead over the rest of the field with Jacob Lowe coming in fourth with 355 points and Peter Cooper rounded out the top 5 with 330 points.

DSCN1863Kai Argent is now leading the series with 671 points, followed by Shane Moon with 623 points. These two have been very consistent and have been battling it out all year. In third place not too far back is Kyle Chin with 526 points, who is only 2 points ahead of Regis Martin in fourth and rounding out the top 5 is Regis’ skipper in Brett Warren with 498 points.

We will now leave the saltwater of Darwin Harbour and head to the sweet water of the Mary River Billabongs for round 5 on October 10 and 11. The billabongs were left out last year due to the results being quite poor, although it is time to revisit and see if the billabongs have improved at all, so it will be very interesting to see how the results pan out. Here’s hoping for some great fresh water action.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Round 5″ tab_id=”1447935578151-af5c61fc-efab”][vc_column_text]

Round 5 Report

Round 5 saw the 2015 Top End Barra Series embark on the billabongs of the Mary River System on the weekend of October 10 and 11, which saw most fishing on the picturesque location of the Corroboree Billabong – Rockhole system with a handful of crews fishing Shady Camp Fresh, Hardies Billabong and one at the Mary River Bridge Lagoon. It is no secret that fishing on the billabongs has been tough over the past five years, but I believe the results of 2015 to be an improvement on when we last fished there in 2012 and 2013 which is great to see.

David Freak

A top end billabong is a postcard location with freshwater Lillie lined waterways, big crocodiles, pigs, buffaloes, birds and most importantly it is home to two of the Top End’s Iconic Sportfish, the Barramundi and the under rated lesser know little brother, the Saratoga. The Top End Barra Series is all about the barramundi, but when you come to a location like this, the Saratoga cannot be ignored, hence why we have prizes for the top 4 Saratoga catches as well. For most the billabongs can be a very difficult place to read, with no tidal influence, no major rockbars or snags, no big holes, no big eddies and for some it can be quite a daunting task to identify when and where the fish will turn on. The lillies are a great place to fish, and also anywhere which resembles a rock bar, bend or difference in bottom ground.


Over the weekend fish were caught in a variety of methods, throwing rubbers and frogs into the lillies, trolling little and large lures, throwing big rubbers, throwing vibes, trolling the edges, trolling the middle, but if there was one factor that stood out in the results, was that the people who fished hard into the night were the ones that were rewarded. Looking through the scoring photos it was quite obvious to see that there were a good amount of the larger fish caught during the night.

Another great point that has come out of the results of this round is that the Mary River Billabongs is a great place to go and catch not just a barra, but a great sized barra. No, there were not a lot of fish caught, but that is the reality with three poor wet seasons. In round 5 there were 38 fish caught which is better than the amount of fish we caught earlier in the year at the big iconic rivers of the Daly and Adelaide Rivers. Probably the most surprising statistical data from the weekend was the size of the fish that were caught. There were five fish caught in the 80cm range which in my view is a pretty impressive statistic in a billabong. There were also 7 in the 70cm range, 11 in the 60cm range and 15 in the 50cm range.  The biggest fish of the round went to Peter Cooper at 87cm who caught it late on Saturday night, and around an hour and half before this he had also caught an 80cm fish to top off a great Saturday night. The other 80cm plus fish were caught by Robert Veal at 84cm, Andrew Veal 83cm and Cale Foster – Blyth at 80cm.

Peter Cooper

In the end Peter Cooper won the round convincingly with an 87cm, 80cm, 70cm and a 55cm to total 650 points. Peter said he ‘dropped a couple of 70’s as well and landed a couple of non scorers.’  He went on to say that it ‘Fished better at night for a period trolling up the middle near the S bend in the main pool. We got 3 fish in a 20 minute mayhem period. Had short windows during the day that fish turned on in very specific locations. Over all a few good size fish in billabong but not the numbers of juvenile fish that have been in there in the past in between the bigger fish. An odd year but not a bad location to have a chance at a better fish at the moment if u are willing to put a few hours in. very hard during the middle of the day’

Greg Shields Selfie

Coming in second was Greg Shields with a 66cm, 69cm, 70cm and a 73cm to total 520 points. Greg said that it was a ‘tough weekend, managed to get a few off one of the rock bars slow retrieving large soft plastics, lost a whole heap more than landed’ And rounding out the top 3 was Robert Veal with a 76cm, 84cm and a 58cm.

It was also the first round since round 1 that we have had a Junior angler catch a barramundi in Oliver Dinwoodie. Oliver caught a 61cm barramundi which he dragged out of the lillies where he had been casting weedless rubbers into. Oliver had a an extremely memorable weekend as he also managed to land the biggest Saratoga of the weekend of 60cm as well, not bad for an 8 year old.

One last thing I need to make mention of is from the weekend is that Chris Rutishauser, AKA the human banana has caught fish. I told a bit of a story on Tales of the Tinny after last round how ‘Ruti’ is the human banana as he catches no fish and anyone who fishes with him catches no fish. Well I need to take that back as ‘Ruti’ proved us all wrong on the weekend and he caught a 72cm barramundi, and his brother who he was fishing with who is not a TEBS competitor picked up a 74cm, so well done Ruti.


As we move into the final round of the 2015 Top End Barra Series there has been some changes up the top of the leader board. The final round will take place at the Mouth of the Adelaide River on November 7 and 8 and Greg Shields in now in the lead although it is very, very close. With Regis Martin coming in second. The top ten is as follows; Greg Shields 684 points, Regis Martin 678 points, Kai Argent 671 points, Kyle Chin 669 points, Alex Felsch 666 points, Shane Moon 623 points, Morris Pizzutto 595 points, Peter Cooper 570 points, Brett Warren 498 points, Robert Veal 457 points. The last round is going to be very exciting as it is anyone’s at the moment remembering that at the end of the series competitors top 5 rounds count towards the scoring, and if competitors are lucky enough to score in every round their worst round will be dropped for scoring purposes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Round 6″ tab_id=”1447935579851-19e1122f-427a”][vc_column_text]

2015 Final Round

The final round of the 2015 Top End Barra Series has been completed at the mouth of the Adelaide River in hot and steamy conditions on the weekend of November 7th and 8th. Competitors could fish in Leaders Creek, Salt Water Arm and the mouth of the Adelaide River including the Wilshire Creek System.

MuntzyIt appears most concentrated their efforts at different parts of the tides in Leaders, The Narrows and Wilshire one and two. This round is always a favourite on the Barra Series Calendar as it is the only true big fish build up round where competitors have a genuine chance of scoring a large build up saltwater barramundi as the other two build up rounds are situated in Darwin Harbour and the Mary River Billabongs. Fishing for barramundi in the north has been quite challenging due to poor wet seasons over the past three years, although this round has always been pretty consistent with regularly over 100 fish being caught each time we visit and usually a handful of 90cm fish being caught as well.

SunsetLeading up to the event it was anyone’s guess how the area was going to fish with the area being affected by tropical storms in the days leading up and during the competition and this can sometimes dirty up the water and have a shut down effect on the fishing. Friday and Saturday night saw large downpours over the system with a few wet swags in boats, but thankfully everyone stayed safe and there were only a few wet swags as a result of this storm activity. Water clarity was still quite good considering the storms and there were still some great fish getting caught over the weekend with some great size about them.

DanielLeading up to this round all the excitement was about who was going to be crowned the ‘2015 Top End Barra Series Champion Angler’ which was rightly so, as in our short  five year history this was the tightest the Series leaderboard has looked and the Champion Angler trophy was certainly anybody’s prize to be won. As we moved into the final round there were only 24 points separating the top 5 which was quite amazing, but this report is all about round 6, and I will give a run down on the series winners later in the week, after results have been declared final.

There is only one word that comes to mind as I look back and reflect on the results of round 6 and that is “WOW”. I could not have predicted these results. In the first four years we have fished here, we have had numerous 90cm plus fish caught, but never a meter plus fish, but that all changed this year when three anglers changed the history books by catching a metre plus fish each in Round 6.

BarraYoung 15 year old Junior angler Zoe Carrier managed to snag a 104cm at the mouth of Wilshire Creek Number two on Saturday, this was not only Zoe’s biggest ever fish but it was her first point scoring fish for TEBS this year. Dad Reece said ‘it might not of had that million dollar tag, but still a fish of a lifetime I reckon’.

Then on Sunday Daniel Hayes caught himself a 108cm in the same location, Daniel earlier this year caught his PB of 88cm, so you could imagine how stoked he must have been when he added 20cm onto his PB. Daniel said it was caught on a Barra Classic Lure and it jumped 6 or 7 times in about 5 foot in the air.

DuffmanWhilst Daniel was catching his 108cm, Sean Anderson was over at Leaders Creek Sean Anderson casting Vibes and amazingly he managed to also pick himself up a 108cm. This was not Sean’s only fish either casting Vibes, Sean had one of those weekends that we all dream about. Sean spent the weekend persisting casting Vibes in Leaders Creek and caught himself a 92cm and a 79cm barra to go along with his 108cm and also landed  plus a couple of  Jewfish to 125cm, I think you will all agree with what an amazing weekend Sean had.

Sean Anderson and Daniel Hayes share the honours in the Bigfish Graphics Biggest Barramundi for round 6, they will both receive a Bigfish Prize Pack and a Creative Timbers Trophy, congratulations to both.

GlennThe results for this round were very impressive in terms of the sizes of the fish caught, although it is worth mentioning that there were les fish caught than in 2014, which may have something to do with this tropical dumps of rain over the weekend. In saying though there were more people who caught fish this year. In 2014 there were 119 fish caught compared to 72 in 2015. In 2014 38 people caught scoring fish compared to 41 in 2015. In 2014 there were 9 fish caught over 70cm whereas in 2015 this number was more than doubled with 20 fish caught over 70cm. The biggest fish in 2014 was 95cm by Sean Anderson and in 2015 the biggest fish was a pair of 108cm by Sean Anderson and Daniel Hayes. To break the numbers down even further, there were 3 fish over 100cm, 4 fish in the 90cm range, 5 fish in the 80cm range, 8 fish in the 70cm range and the other 52 fish were all obviously under 70cm.

Crack 2Also it pleases me to announce another ‘WOW’ moment of the Top End Barra Series History that happened on the weekend. A lot of you would of heard of story of Peter Bottrell, AKA ,Botts, he was interviewed last year by the Tales from the Tinny Team which some of you might have heard as well. Botts has been fishing TEBS for years, and is the only person who has never registered a fish. Botts tends to get caught up in the social side of the competition, but you do often see him out there trolling around the traps. Well some exciting news has filtered in and Botts not only registered his first fish in TEBS, he managed to score two fish in the final round, so a big congratulations goes out to Botts.

HannaIt is also worth mentioning the following anglers who all caught their first points scoring fish in the final round to get off the dreaded doughnut for the series, so I am sure there was a sense of relief among these angler when their point scoring barra was safely in the net. Andrew Dutton, Zoe Carrier, Bruce Dunn, Jason Lowe, Dean Corner, Peter Bottrell, Wade Jones, Dean Smith and Kelly Payne.

Oliver BarraAs mentioned earlier Sean Anderson caught a 79cm, 92cm and a108cm to claim his first Series Round win after coming second in this round the year before. Sean finished with a huge 1075 points and caught all his fish casting Vibes.  Coming in second was Ben Wadley with a 54cm, 95cm and a 98cm to total an impressive 795 points who was followed closely behind by Shane Moon with an 88cm, 88cm and an 82cm to total 775 points. Fourth with 565 points was Daniel Hayes with a 108cm and rounding out the top 5 was Zoe Carrier with 485 points from her 104cm who was also the Top Junior Angler.

It is very tight at the top of the leader board and Series awards, winners and point score will be announced on Friday after round 6 results become final.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”2015 Series” tab_id=”1448089728349-144eac04-93e8″][vc_column_text]

Final Series Awards

2015 Top End Barra Series Champion Angler: Kai Argent 837 Points
2015 Top End Barra Series Champion Angler Runner Up: Shane Moon 803 Points
2015 Top End Barra Series Biggest Barramundi: Sandie Dean 125cm
2015 Top End Barra Series Champion Female Angler: Sandie Dean 417 Points
2015 Top End Barra Series Champion Junior Angler: Oliver Dinwoodie 205 Points

Series Report

Kai ArgentIt gives me great pleasure in announcing the 2015 Top End Barra Series Champion Angler in Kai Argent. Kai came third in 2014, claimed the biggest barramundi at 108cm for 2014 and this year he has taken it one step better by taking out the major prize. Kai had a great year winning round 4, coming second in round 3, and having a strong finish finishing sixth in the final round. Kai will be off Helifishing with Helifish in prime run off tides next year and will also score himself a Creative Timbers Trophy and a Custom Built LJ Custom Rod.

Runner Up for 2016, who is no stranger to Top End Barra Series followers is the ever reliable Shane Moon, who was last year’s Series Winner. Shane had a very consistent year this year finishing with 803 points, but the highlight would be his third place in the final round which took him from sixth in the Series upto runner up at the Series End. Shane scored in 5 rounds, with 13th being his worst finish and third being his best which is a fantastic effort.

Coming in third was Kai Argent’s partner in crime in Kyle Chin who was very close to Shane with 791 points. Kyle’s best finish was in round 4 where he finished second and he also had a very consistent year scoring in 5 rounds with his worst place being 16th. Kyle was the big improver this year jumping up from his 65th place in last years series.

Greg Shields SelfieComing in fourth was the ever reliable Greg Shields with 684 points. Greg was the only angler to score in every round, he is a previous Series Winner, and was in the top 5 last year where he finished 5th. Greg’s best finish this year was second in round 5. Greg has had a great year this year as was also the third place individual angler in the Barra Classic.


Fifth place went to a crowd favourite, the boat hopping Frenchman. Regis does not own a boat, cant back a trailer, he is a lover fishing and he has a passion for collecting lures and ended up with a total of 670 points. Regis fished out of a few different boats this year, although mainly with Brett Warren. Regis best result for the year was round 3 where he was placed fifth. Regis finished in a similar place in last years series where he finished 4th. Regis is really showing some consistency with two top 5 finishes in the past two year, which is an even more impressive effort when you think about the fact that he is never the skipper, just going along with his skipper’s decisions.

????????????????????????????????????Rounding out the rest of the top ten was Alex Felsch with 666 points, Morris Pizzutto 586 points, Peter Cooper 570 points, Kieren Shaw 551 points and Brendan Pringle rounds out the top ten with 520 points.

tebs-125The Biggest Barramundi for the year was caught by female angler Sandie Dean in the first hour of the Series on the first day at the mouth of Tommy Cut which was a massive 125cm. Sandie will be off Helifishing with Kai for her efforts in Prime Time Run off tides with Helifish which will be great fun.
Sandie also claimed the honours of 2015 Champion Female Angler, so a big congratulations goes out to Sandie on a great year.

Oliver Barra2015 Top End Barra Series Champion Junior Angler was Oliver Dinwoodie. At 8 years old Oliver is building up a pretty handy brag board as in 2014 he was the Barra Classic Champion Angler. This is the first time we have had this category for juniors, and it is an area we are trying to build on and we have more juniors nominated in 2016 which is great news.

Full prize list will be posted prior to end of year presentations at the Roma Bar at 4pm on Saturday November 28, followed by after party at Shenanigans.

Complete Series Points

Place First Name Last Name Total Points
1 Kai Argent 837
2 Shane Moon 803
3 Kyle Chin 791
4 Gregory Shields 684
5 Regis Martin 670
6 Alex Felsch 666
7 Morris Pizzutto 586
8 Peter Cooper 570
9 Kieren Shaw 551
10 Brendan Pringle 520
11 Darren Kenny 504
12 Brett Warren 498
13 Ben McLean 469
14 Mark Pettit 459
15 Robert Veal 457
16 James Park 450
17 Kelly Shipp 448
18 Damien Lucas 441
19 Sandie Dean 417
20 Sean Anderson 390
21 Mark Allcorn 387
22 Ben Wadley 348
23 Luke Tisdale 342
24 Ryan Vidler 330
25 Kieren Gillespie 316
26 Grant Diery 312
27 Sindy Shroj 303
28 Daniel Hayes 300
29 Chris Rutishauser 286
30 John Langdon 283
31 Tim Morgan 261
32 Glenn Dinwoodie 247
33 Ben Noyes 232
34 Niall Webber 229
35 Ray Goodman 226
36 Steve Baker 217
36 Andrew Pollard 217
36 Evan Dixon 217
39 Joe Sheridan 214
40 Ross Abraham 205
40 Oliver Dinwoodie 205
40 Ben Hardy 205
40 Andrew Veal 205
44 Karl Boek 203
45 Craig Grose 202
46 Anthony Schuppan 198
47 Chris Nicholson 196
48 Aaron Pollock 193
48 Jason Reynhout 193
50 Chris Dunkerton 190
51 James Ballantyne 187
52 Dustin Menke 184
53 Stephen Pennington 180
54 Jacob Lowe 175
55 Zoe Carrier 170
55 Steve Jones 170
57 Damien Keygan 166
58 Doug Gorrie 158
59 Bruce Dunn 154
59 Cale Foster-Blyth 154
59 Ben Judd 154
59 Anthony Dent 154
63 Stephen Tonkiss 150
64 Jason Lowe 146
64 Wally Drescher 146
66 Dave Freak 145
67 Matthew Guinane 140
68 Nadine Taylor 137
69 Terry Cameron 134
69 Penny Eckel 134
69 Eric Gordon 134
69 Liam Reed 134
73 Steven Muntz 130
74 Dean Corner 128
75 Barney Rae 125
75 Helen Stuart 125
77 Tania Sellers 122
78 Glenn Lachlan 121
79 Cameron Pitkethly 119
80 Peter Bottrell 116
81 Dean Smith 113
82 Andrew Dutton 110
83 James Mitchell 101
84 Grayson McKinlay 98
84 Danny Morgan 98
86 Mathew Coates 92
86 Justin Dwyer 92
88 Dean Blackman 89
89 Barry Johnson 86
89 Robbie Roockley 86
91 Wade Jones 80
92 Kelly Payne 57
93 Daniel Hulbert 51
94 Reece Carrier 41
95 Luke Tibbits 39
96 Alan Jones 35
97 Andrew Reid 27
98 Jarrad Crawley 19[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_tabs][/vc_column][/vc_row]