Round 3 Report – Bynoe Harbour

The third round of the Top End Series took place in Bynoe Harbour, and this year saw an extension of the boundaries to include more regions for fishos to explore. It appears that wind didn’t have too much of a factor as on previous years but was still around in...

Round 3 – Bynoe Harbour Scorecard – 25th & 26th May 2024

Round 3 - Bynoe Harbour Scorecard - 25th & 26th May 2024 Please find attached link to the Bynoe Harbour Scorecard for Round 3 of the 2024 Top End Barra Series. Don't forget to provide any stories or pictures to our social media guys or tag the Top End Barra Series...

Round 2 Report – Daly River

Round 2 of TEBS finally got underway after a few false starts at the Daly. The big river had fallen rapidly in the last week and was nearly back to dry season levels, with the last of the runoff still coming out of the main creeks. On the back of a fantastic Wet,...

Round 2 – Daly River (Take #2) Scorecard – 20-21 April 2024

Round 2 - Daly River (#2) Scorecard - 20-21 April 2024 Please find attached link to the Daly River Scorecard for Round 2 of the 2024 Top End Barra Series. ***Clarification on Boundaries - The image on the Round Info post had an error in the boundary line at the Daly...

Round 2 – Weather Update

The committee are monitoring a recent upgrade to the Top End Forecast areas which include the alternate venue for this weekend's Top End Barra Series Round. We will await the BOM's advice on the developing Flood Watch which is due to be revised by 1:30pm Friday 15th....

Information Booklet:

2023 TEBS Information Booklet ED

Calendar and Tides:

2023 TEBS Rounds Calendar

2023 Rounds
2023 TEBS ROUNDS    

Below are the specific dates  for 2023. Also attached is a link to the annual TEBS calendar with other significant fishing events and public holidays worth noting…

Round 1 25th – 26th Feb Daly River

Round 2 18th – 19th March Shady Camp

Round 3 6th – 7th May Bynoe Harbour

Round 4 19th – 20th August Darwin Harbour

Round 5 23rd – 24th September Adelaide River mouth

Round 6 27th -29th October Billabongs

End of Year presentation – Freds Pass Saturday 11th November


About TEBS

The Top End Barra Series

The 2023 Top End Barra Series consists of six rounds of barramundi fishing in various locations across the Top End. Competitors register their best five barramundi caught over the allocated weekends.

The Basics

The 2023 Top End Barra Series consists of six rounds of barramundi fishing in various locations across the Top End. Competitors register their best five barramundi caught over the 6 allocated weekends.

The Top End Barra Series competition is kept simple and there are no big functions. Low key social presentations are held during the year, after a number of rounds are completed. In some instances, it may be necessary to hold two or three presentations together.

The concept of TEBS is that over the 6 rounds, competitors fish for barramundi from 6am Saturday morning until 6pm Sunday afternoon using lures, soft plastics, or flies. The exception is the billabong round which includes the Friday evening. At the end of these weekends, competitors upload their photos of their five biggest barramundi over 50cm to the TEBS website. Scoring is on a points system like that used in the Barra Classic which rewards bigger fish. Once all entries have been verified by TEBS Measurement Panel, the competitor at the end of each round with the highest score is the winner.

Series points each round are allocated based on placings from 1st through to 70th. Only scores from 5 rounds are used to calculate the overall 2023 winner. If you do fish all 6 rounds and score in each round, the lowest scoring round will be dropped.

Each Round may have a mystery barra size or other species prizes included but this at the committee’s discretion. Pre-determined species and round information will be notified by email in the lead up to the round. In some instances, where issues with access arise, rounds maybe switched or postponed. The competition is for individual anglers. TEBS is not a team event but you can fish in the same boat as other competitors or friends outside the competition.

What you get when you enter

Each Round

Prizes for each round vary. The prize pool will be finalised once we have all entries and sponsor agreements in place. Prizes awarded each round will include the top 5, the biggest barra, and highest scoring junior (still at school: primary, middle, high). There will occasionally be prizes for mystery size barra and other species. Lucky door prizes are often held at each presentation to encourage attendance.

Series Awards (Overall)

At the end of the year main prizes are awarded from the 1st to 3rd for the overall winners of the series. There will also be an award for Champion Junior Angler and biggest barra capture. There are no gender specific categories.

Unclaimed Prizes

Prizes will be given out at the presentation events. It is the winner’s responsibility to organise collection of their prizes outside the presentation. At the end of the year, any unclaimed prizes will be added to the lucky door prize pool at the final TEBS function.

The Rules
Anglers must adhere to the code of conduct outlined on the entry form. A competitor deemed by the committee to have broken the code of conduct will be removed from the competition and not be entitled to reimbursement of monies in any form from the Top End Barra Series.

Fishing will start at 6am on the Saturday of the round and finish at 6pm on Sunday night of the Round. The Billabong round being the exception, starting at 6pm on Friday night and finishing on 6pm Sunday night.

Fish can be caught by casting or trolling lures, soft plastics or by fly fishing. No bait fishing is allowed. There is no restriction on leader size or length. You can use either barbed or barbless hooks. There are no limits to the number of rods used (trolling for example).

Only 2022 registered series competitors can fish for prizes each round. Other people may come out and fish with competitors, however they will not be recognised as part of the competition for scoring purposes. Honesty is the key to making this a successful competition, so make sure you only count your own fish for scoring.

A ‘Round Score Card’ will be emailed out prior to each round. It will also be available on the TEBS website a couple of days prior to each round. Place this score card next to the brag mat or measurement sticker when taking a photo. If for some reason you do not receive or cannot print the score card, use the Saturday or Sunday paper from that weekend in each photograph, placed next to the brag mat.

When photographing your fish on the measure device ensure the mouth is closed and the round card is next to the fish. Clear photos make it easier for point score verification.

As score cards are often provided early to competitors, please also set your camera to the correct date so that date/time metadata can be verified. Competitors may disable location if they would like to keep their exact fishing locations private.

Take photos of your best 5 Barra caught over the weekend over 50cm. Once you have caught your 5 eligible fish you may then upsize your scoring fish by dropping off your smallest and adding the larger one to the five you upload via the website.

The website is sensitive to uploading photos in excess of a few megabytes. Downsize photos using an application if uploading errors occur. (Scaling down photos on Paint works).

Upload the photos of your best five fish to the TEBS website by 5pm on the Monday after each round, unless a prior arrangement has been made. The upload facility on the website will be active from the Saturday morning of each Round.

(Unverified) Results will be live on the web page during and after the weekend. The TEBS Management Panel will have the final decision on the accuracy of the measurements of the fish after viewing photos. There may be instances where someone from TEBS will contact a competitor to assist in validating a photo.

Follow NT Legal size limits for keeping fish and respect bag limits. Make sure you are aware of the bag limits as they may differ in a few places.

Please respect any land tenure conditions or restrictions in the area you are fishing.

The scoring for each round will be like the point scoring system used in most other sports like the (AFC) Australian Fishing Championship, V8 Supercars, F1s, etc. For example, 200 points for 1st, 190 for 2nd, 180 for 3rd, down to the seventieth placed competitor.

The winner will be the person with most points at the end of the round. If there is a tie the person who has the biggest individual fish will be the winner. If there is a tie for second, the person with the biggest barra will get second and the other person will get third prize and so on.

Fish will be sized down to the centimetre. For example, if the fish is between 58.00 to 58.9cm it will be scored at 58cm.

Your best 5 out of 6 rounds will score. At the completion of the series, your best five rounds will count towards your final score and your worst round score will be dropped. If you only score in 5 or less rounds those scores will count.

In the event, due to unforeseen circumstances, where rounds or the series has needed to be changed/cancelled, refunds will not be made.

If you have any trouble or concerns, please contact a TEBS Association committee person. These volunteers will be announced proceeding our next AGM. Please do not contact us through Facebook/Instagram as these platforms are solely used for public announcements and marketing.


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