The TEBS community converged on the pearl rich harbor of Bynoe over the weekend 6th – 7th May for what was anticipated as another cold and windy weekend but was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with glass out conditions and warm sunny days for Saturday at least.

Last year no one managed to get a bag of five and this year only four anglers were able to achieve this feat. 54 fish registered this year compared with around 14 last year.

Competitors were stretched far and wide with the vast reaches of Bynoe and with ideal conditions and water temperatures expectations of big scores were falsely perceived. Hotter than normal sea and surface temperatures greeted anglers on Saturday with water surface reaching upwards of 31 degrees whereas last year it was hard to find water temperatures above 25 degrees.

Humidity was also above normal, and anglers reported temperatures up to 36 degrees in the shade.

Having such a great wet and run-off it was giving that fishing would be far better than previous years and it was.

The vast numbers of junior barra gracing the deck of many anglers kept the fisho’s interested however the lager models whilst sighted in greater than expected numbers, their lack of interest in what was been thrown at them compounded the frustrations.  Bynoe seems to be alive as a nursery and is looking very healthy for barra numbers.

one noticeable change this year apart from having the comp so early after the run-off and with the big tides was the clarity of the water and the abundant of bait which most likely accounted for the stubbornness of the bigger barra having constant full bellies during the predicted bite windows.

Reports of 15 to 20 undersize fish caught daily resonated the belief that maybe it was little too early for Bynoe, or as in most cases anglers were just not good enough to convert.

As with most tebs rounds there are usually a few mishaps and this was no different I had the case of the terrible 3s dropping every scoring fish up to 70cm, being whacked by a scoring fish from my skipper and to top it off having a long weight on a sand bar as we had miss judged the channel by just a boat width at least the skipper did a good job and made sure that the boat remained level as we spent the best part of 6hrs waiting for the tide and missing our bite window.

Whilst night fishing is not something reported often when fishing in Bynoe, as the cool pleasant nights give way to raft ups camp fires and a few great northerns, Mark Grosser and Regis martin having caught fish in the same spot that day ventured back to the area at night and were greeted with a good little session catching a dozen fish up to 65cm, possibly because of the day time temps and conditions at night with the full moon that yours truly wanted to try but were stuck high and dry it could be something that grows over time

One of our upcoming junior anglers Ryan Higgins reported that fishing was extremely hard and missed a great opportunity when he finally hooked on to a decent acrobatic model only to have it spit the hook on its third jump turning his soft plastic inside out.  Ryan did manage a nice flathead and from the photos he sent in an awesome weekend away with family.


Sunday saw conditions change with south easterlies picking up early right on a good bite window shutting down a lot of potential sites and stirring the water up however as we most comps there are a few anglers who stand out amongst the crowds fishing what sometimes can be a frustrating round.

As with all fishing persistence and use of technology, our top 3 anglers stand out above the rest.

In third place this year and someone never to far away from the top ten was Clayton Archibold with a great bag of 50, 56,53 65, and 52.

In 2nd place and unusual for Cuddies was Peter cooper with a bag of 56, 57, 57, 58, 60.  Cuddies reported the frustration of seeing larger models lurking about in the shallows but were not interested in anything he was throwing at them and over the two days only managed around 15-20 fish per day, a great weekend by any standards.

And in 1st place and our very own treasurer who is starting to become known as the bara whisper and Bynoe master of the comp was Dwight Shepard.  Dwight caught only 3 fish for the round with Saturday managing to hook a 54cm barra but persistent and the use of technology managed to fool two great barra of 88 and 89cm on the Sunday just before the wind got up and shut everything down.  Dwight also caught the biggest fish for the round at 89cm.

Congratulations Dwight on a fantastic win.

Tebs now go into a 2-month lull as the wind, and temperatures drop and a perfect time to get into the boat and trailer for that much needed maintenance ready for round 4 which will be held on the 19th-20th August in Darwin Harbour.