The humble get together to hand out the prizes for the 1st 3 Rounds of TEBS will be located at the usual spot at Nightcliff on Sunday 2nd of July starting at 4pm. There is a map attached for info.

If it is too crowded near the pop up food vans we will be a little further west.

The TEBS hats and other handouts from JM Gillies will be available to pick up on the day.

There will be a few lucky door prizes up for grabs as well.

Also attached here are the prize lists for the 3 Rounds, the results of Round 3 and the overall progressive positions for 2017 at the end of Round 3.

Round 3 Results – Short Version

Overall Position At End Of Round 3- Point Scorers Only Version

Round 3 Prize List

Round 2 Daly Prize List

Round 1 Shady Prize List