The Top End Barra Series was originally built on a group on keen fishos who wanted to share some time on the water.


It is built as a friendly comp, that has attracted some great fishos over the years, happy to share their knowledge.


A few beers, a good laugh and stunning locations where we can have a serious fish as well.


This is the culture of our competition.




This weekend on the Daly we had a lot of boats vying for spots in creeks. The whole river was opened to fishing to help spread the load but there was still pressure in the well known spots. It appears a couple of TEBS boats decided to push over the top of people already fishing in locations, effectively shutting them out.


This is not a look we want for the competition.


If you are wearing the shirt or displaying TEBS stickers you represent our comp and we expect everyone is respectful of others on the water, whether they are in TEBS or not.


Consider moving across to some of the other well known barra competitions if this is the style of competitive fishing you enjoy.




Better to have a chat to those already in position, ask to fish close by where it doesn’t negatively impact on those already there and people will typically invite you in.




Kind regards