Series Scoreboard can be downloaded below.


As we move into the final round of the 2016 series in Darwin Harbour on October 1st and 2nd it is worth having a look at the leader board at the pointy end of the field to see how things might pan out and who may take out the 2016 Top End Barra Series Champion Angler Award. It is important to note that to calculate the final series points competitor’s top 5 rounds are calculated and at present Kyle Chin, Alex Felsch, Mar Allcorn, Regis Martin and Kieren Shaw are the only anglers to have scored in every round so far. Kyle Chin has absolutely smashed it this year and has a huge lead although if he scores in every round, one round will need to be dropped. Peter Cooper is 163 points behind and has scored in 4 round and there is 200 points up for grabs for the winner. It is all looking in Kyle’s favour, but let’s be honest finding a fish in the past 4 years has been difficult for anyone so we will just have to wait and see how the final round plans out.

Kyle is currently sitting on 888 points, in 2015 Kai Argent won the series on 837 points which just shows how good a year Kyle has had.

Below is a look at the top ten.

1st place on 888 points is Kyle Chin. Kyle Chin has had the most impressive year of any angler finishing in the top 6 in all of the 5 rounds and will be looking to finish with a bang. Kyle Chin came runners up in the Darwin Harbour last year and he also came runner up to his partner in crime Kai Argent in Bynoe Harbour this year, so he certainly is one to watch in the final round in Darwin Harbour and is the favourite to be crowned the 2016 Top End Barra Series Champion Angler. Kyle Chin finished in 3rd in last series and will be eyeing off the number 1 spot after his mate Kai Argent took it out last year.

2nd place on 725 points in Peter Cooper. Peter Cooper has also had a cracking year after a bad start to the year where he failed to register a fish in round 1, he has then finished in the top 5 in the next four rounds and he certainly knows the harbour as good as anyone and is in with a huge chance of a big finish and is consistently at the pointy end of the field. Peter Cooper finished in eighth last year and will be keen to improve on that this year and will give Kyle a run for his money in the final round.

3rd place on 681 points is Alex Felsch. Alex has scored well in 4 of the 5 rounds and had a win on the Daly when everyone else found it difficult. Alex has been consistently in the top ten in the last few years finishing in 6th place at the completion of the 2015 Series and also had a win at the Adelaide in the 2015 season. Alex has had another good year and will be looking to stay in the top 3.

4th place on 657 points is last year’s Series winner in Kai Argent. Kai was the winner of the Darwin Harbour Round last year and this year’s Bynoe Harbour round so is the odd’s on favourite to take out the final round. I would think that Kai and Kyle will be fishing together as usual and will be egging each other on and he would be keen to have a good round and jump up into the runner up position and see his mate take home the crown this year.

5th Place on 628 points is Mark Allcorn, who has fished very consistently throughout the year scoring well in every round. Mark finished in 21st in last years series and no doubt would be very stoked to hold onto a top 5 finish this year.

6th place on 602 points is Kelly Shipp. Kelly has had a good year and will be on the blower to his Barra Classic Captain and Darwin Harbour Guru mate in Bretto Warren for some pointers on how to have a cracking last round in the Harbour and climb up a few spots. Kelly finished in 17th last year and if he can stay out of the raft ups he may be able to climb up a few spots.

7th place on 592 points is the ever reliable and previous multiple series winner Shane Moon. Shane Moon is always up there and was runner up in last years series and won the series in the previous year. He has lost his regular deckie in Damien Lucas who has returned to South Oz so it will be interesting to see if he can keep his mojo and to see who will be in the passenger seat for the final round.

8th place on 567 points is Ben Mclean. Ben started the year with a bang finishing in 3rd and 5th in first 2 rounds and partnered Shane Moon in the Kakadu Klash to a top 3 finish. Ben finished in 13th in the 2015 Top End Barra Series.

9th place on 563 points is the crowd favourite Regis Martin. Regis is a Frenchman living in Darwin who has no boat, can’t back a trailer and just keeps boat hopping around the place and out fishing his captain’s and regularly finishes in the top ten. In all seriousness both myself and Ross have had Regis as a deckie and he is a legend and we wish him all the best in the final round to stay in the top ten. The big question is ‘who will he be fishing with’. Regis Martin finished in fifth in last year’s series and has been very consistent since the inaugural series.

Rounding out the top ten is Andrew Veal on 550 points. Andrew Veal finished in 40th last year and Robert Veal finished in 15th so in terms of bragging rights amongst the family I reckon Andrew would have one aim and that would be to hold on to 14th or better. Andrew has a 51 point lead over 11th place Bryn Montgommery and has a real good chance of climbing a few spots in the final round.


So there we have it. The final round will be held in the first weekend of October in Darwin Harbour and good luck to everyone involved.tebs-2016-overall-score-board-at-round-5