As we do each round when photos come in we analyse them and adjust any accordingly, and we have just been doing the process now and will be finished tonight. There was quite a few fish with the mouths widely open and we have adjusted these according to the rules.   Some fish were also rounded up, and I have rounded them back down. I am sorry if you have lost a couple of cms, but these are the rules and we need to stick to them. I have only adjusted scores on photos where the mouths are open largely, I know it is difficult and we are lenient with this rule if the mouth is open a little.


Below are the rules from the Information Booklet which I have referred to in the process. As people can now see the brag mat photos I felt it important to let everyone aware of the process.


RULE 1: Fish will be sized down to the centimetre. For example, if the fish is between 58.00 to 58.9cm it will be scored at 58cm. If the fish is 57.9 or below it will be a 57cm.


RULE 2: Measure fish on a brag mat or the TEBS measurement sticker. Make sure the mouth of the fish is closed. Photograph the fish and round scoring card on the measure device provided or on a brag mat.


We hope to announce the results tomorrow night.