2015 Final Round

The final round of the 2015 Top End Barra Series has been completed at the mouth of the Adelaide River in hot and steamy conditions on the weekend of November 7th and 8th. Competitors could fish in Leaders Creek, Salt Water Arm and the mouth of the Adelaide River including the Wilshire Creek System.

MuntzyIt appears most concentrated their efforts at different parts of the tides in Leaders, The Narrows and Wilshire one and two. This round is always a favourite on the Barra Series Calendar as it is the only true big fish build up round where competitors have a genuine chance of scoring a large build up saltwater barramundi as the other two build up rounds are situated in Darwin Harbour and the Mary River Billabongs. Fishing for barramundi in the north has been quite challenging due to poor wet seasons over the past three years, although this round has always been pretty consistent with regularly over 100 fish being caught each time we visit and usually a handful of 90cm fish being caught as well.

SunsetLeading up to the event it was anyone’s guess how the area was going to fish with the area being affected by tropical storms in the days leading up and during the competition and this can sometimes dirty up the water and have a shut down effect on the fishing. Friday and Saturday night saw large downpours over the system with a few wet swags in boats, but thankfully everyone stayed safe and there were only a few wet swags as a result of this storm activity. Water clarity was still quite good considering the storms and there were still some great fish getting caught over the weekend with some great size about them.

DanielLeading up to this round all the excitement was about who was going to be crowned the ‘2015 Top End Barra Series Champion Angler’ which was rightly so, as in our short  five year history this was the tightest the Series leaderboard has looked and the Champion Angler trophy was certainly anybody’s prize to be won. As we moved into the final round there were only 24 points separating the top 5 which was quite amazing, but this report is all about round 6, and I will give a run down on the series winners later in the week, after results have been declared final.

There is only one word that comes to mind as I look back and reflect on the results of round 6 and that is “WOW”. I could not have predicted these results. In the first four years we have fished here, we have had numerous 90cm plus fish caught, but never a meter plus fish, but that all changed this year when three anglers changed the history books by catching a metre plus fish each in Round 6.

BarraYoung 15 year old Junior angler Zoe Carrier managed to snag a 104cm at the mouth of Wilshire Creek Number two on Saturday, this was not only Zoe’s biggest ever fish but it was her first point scoring fish for TEBS this year. Dad Reece said ‘it might not of had that million dollar tag, but still a fish of a lifetime I reckon’.

Then on Sunday Daniel Hayes caught himself a 108cm in the same location, Daniel earlier this year caught his PB of 88cm, so you could imagine how stoked he must have been when he added 20cm onto his PB. Daniel said it was caught on a Barra Classic Lure and it jumped 6 or 7 times in about 5 foot in the air.

DuffmanWhilst Daniel was catching his 108cm, Sean Anderson was over at Leaders Creek Sean Anderson casting Vibes and amazingly he managed to also pick himself up a 108cm. This was not Sean’s only fish either casting Vibes, Sean had one of those weekends that we all dream about. Sean spent the weekend persisting casting Vibes in Leaders Creek and caught himself a 92cm and a 79cm barra to go along with his 108cm and also landed  plus a couple of  Jewfish to 125cm, I think you will all agree with what an amazing weekend Sean had.

Sean Anderson and Daniel Hayes share the honours in the Bigfish Graphics Biggest Barramundi for round 6, they will both receive a Bigfish Prize Pack and a Creative Timbers Trophy, congratulations to both.

GlennThe results for this round were very impressive in terms of the sizes of the fish caught, although it is worth mentioning that there were les fish caught than in 2014, which may have something to do with this tropical dumps of rain over the weekend. In saying though there were more people who caught fish this year. In 2014 there were 119 fish caught compared to 72 in 2015. In 2014 38 people caught scoring fish compared to 41 in 2015. In 2014 there were 9 fish caught over 70cm whereas in 2015 this number was more than doubled with 20 fish caught over 70cm. The biggest fish in 2014 was 95cm by Sean Anderson and in 2015 the biggest fish was a pair of 108cm by Sean Anderson and Daniel Hayes. To break the numbers down even further, there were 3 fish over 100cm, 4 fish in the 90cm range, 5 fish in the 80cm range, 8 fish in the 70cm range and the other 52 fish were all obviously under 70cm.

Crack 2Also it pleases me to announce another ‘WOW’ moment of the Top End Barra Series History that happened on the weekend. A lot of you would of heard of story of Peter Bottrell, AKA ,Botts, he was interviewed last year by the Tales from the Tinny Team which some of you might have heard as well. Botts has been fishing TEBS for years, and is the only person who has never registered a fish. Botts tends to get caught up in the social side of the competition, but you do often see him out there trolling around the traps. Well some exciting news has filtered in and Botts not only registered his first fish in TEBS, he managed to score two fish in the final round, so a big congratulations goes out to Botts.

HannaIt is also worth mentioning the following anglers who all caught their first points scoring fish in the final round to get off the dreaded doughnut for the series, so I am sure there was a sense of relief among these angler when their point scoring barra was safely in the net. Andrew Dutton, Zoe Carrier, Bruce Dunn, Jason Lowe, Dean Corner, Peter Bottrell, Wade Jones, Dean Smith and Kelly Payne.

Oliver BarraAs mentioned earlier Sean Anderson caught a 79cm, 92cm and a108cm to claim his first Series Round win after coming second in this round the year before. Sean finished with a huge 1075 points and caught all his fish casting Vibes.  Coming in second was Ben Wadley with a 54cm, 95cm and a 98cm to total an impressive 795 points who was followed closely behind by Shane Moon with an 88cm, 88cm and an 82cm to total 775 points. Fourth with 565 points was Daniel Hayes with a 108cm and rounding out the top 5 was Zoe Carrier with 485 points from her 104cm who was also the Top Junior Angler.

It is very tight at the top of the leader board and Series awards, winners and point score will be announced on Friday after round 6 results become final.