Round 6 – The Grand Final

Round 6 will be held at the Mouth of the Adelaide including Leaders Creek on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November from 6am Saturday to 6pm Sunday.

Round 5 and 6 and end of year Presentation will be held on Saturday November 28th at 4pm – 6pm. I will announce more on this next week.

Boundaries for round 6.


Adelaide Mouth Boundary – Point just north of Leaders to Cape Hotham


Adelaide Upstream Boundary – Castle Creek – Approx 12.21.637S – 131.17.444E

The Final Round

The big story as we go into the final round, is who will come out the other side labelled the 2015 Top End Barra Series Champion. In our five year history it is the tightest it has ever been as we head into the final round. There is only 24 points separating the top 5 which is quite amazing and there are 200 points on offer for the winner of round 6. To calculate the series champion each competitors best five rounds count towards the series point score and as we go into the final round Greg Shields is the only angler to score points in every round this year with 62 points being his worst round so far. You can see in the attached image the top 20 scoreboard.

The Form Guide

Greg Shields SelfieGreg Shields 684 points (622 points deleting his worst round) A previous Series Winner, catches fish everywhere he goes, mentor to Ben Judd, 3rd Individual Angler in 2015 Barra Classic, certainly has some stink about him, will need a good results to take it out.

Kai Argent 671 points, Round 3 winner, second place in last year’s series, caught the biggest barra in 2014, coming off a doughnut in the last round, will work hard, thinks outside the square and fishes out of a 4m stacer or with 5th place Kyle Chin. The big question is whether he will fish with Kyle in Round 5 or fish solo in his own boat.

Regis Martin 670 points, The boat hopping Frenchman. A truly great story of TEBS, he does not own a boat and relies on being a deckie for people to get a fish in each round. Dedicated, loves lures and learnt a lot his trade via Jason Haack and the bearded Brett Warren who is sitting in tenth. The big question is who will be his captain in the final round.

Kai ArgentAlex Felsch 666 points, Round 2 winner, where he tamed the Adelaide River upstream and made it look easy where everyone else was in pain. Tends to fish with his good luck charm in his better half and is in fine form at the moment coming off a fourth place in the last round.

Kyle Chin 660 points, This will be interesting to see is he and Kai fish together in the final round, so keep a look out to see if Kai is in the fast blue boat labelled Hooligan (I think? Correct me if I am wrong.) He has had some great form with three top 6 finishes this year.

In 6th place is last years series winner in Shane Moon on 623 points and he will be putting everything in to the last round to take out another series. He is coming off a rare doughnut which he would not be happy about and blaming Damine Lucas for (just kidding) but everyone knows he has the tricks up his sleeve to fill his bag with 5 quality fish when the pressure is on, so we look forward to see if he can work his magic in the final round.

Rounding out the top ten is the lure making, beer brewing and Part Time Regis Martin Captain in Morris Pizzutto 586 points in 7th, Gun fisherman who has won two rounds this year in Peter Cooper with 570 points sitting in 8th, Ray Goodman’a partner in Crime and top ten finisher in the Barra Classic in Darren Kenny with 504 points sitting in 9th, and the bushy Brett Warren who is Regis Martins number 1 captain rounds out the top ten with 498 points, will he fish with Regis in Round 6????

OliverThat is a very talented top ten and it really shows how competitive the Top End Barra Series has become.

Sindy Shroj is leading the ladies with 303 points followed by Sandie Dean on 259 points

Oliver Dinwoodie is leading the juniors on 131 points followed by Danny Morgan on 98 points.

Good luck to all involved and I hope you all have a ripper weekend.