Round 6 2023 – Billabongs Scorecard

Please find attached link to the Billabongs Scorecard for Round 6 of the 2023 Top End Barra Series.

Don’t forget to provide any stories or pictures to our social media guys or tag the Top End Barra Series or TEBS Fella’s pages so we can add your stories and pictures to the round report.

You can also get a copy of the scorecard direct from the TEBS website.

Please place the scorecard next to your fish when taking the photo.

PHOTO UPLOADS: Images need size reduced if necessary, so they aren’t too large. Competitors uploading 14mb images are causing the upload facility to stall. Please use an app or computer software to ensure your images aren’t more than 1 mb. There are lots of YouTube ‘How Tos’ on resizing…. Thank you!

Please click link below to download a copy of the scorecard: