Round 5 Bynoe Harbour – Information & Boundary

I have extended the boundary for Bynoe Harbour in 2017 to include TAPA Bay in response to suggestions from competitors over the past couple of years.  The western boundary is also slightly further.  You may fish anywhere inside the marked boundary in including all arms.

Please bear in mind any implications / restrictions in place resulting from the Kenbi Land Claim.

Capture returns need to be uploaded to the website no later than 5pm on Monday 25th September.

I really need some high resolution photos of competitors holding fish as well as any other good shots from the next two Rounds.

I have to do a wrap up of 2017 in time for the Xmas edition of NAFA and do not have much on offer from the last 4 Rounds. If you have any older photos please send them to me at

The ‘other species’ for the Round will be the largest Goldie and the most unusual capture. Casting to road kill not included ?