Hi, with Round 4 approaching I  will be getting out the Round information next week when I get back from Central Australia.

I am in the process of finalising details for TEBS 2017 and will be getting details out to you shortly. Glenn has moved to Maningrida so the bulk of the preparation for next year is my responsibility.

I want to have the preparation of 2017 done and dusted by the end of October this year so that I can get our TEBS gear orders in place.

I will be calling for current competitors’ entries for 2017 1st as usual.  I will be asking that people interested in continuing in 2017 be paid up by the end of September. There will be no increase in the entry fee for 2017.  We will continue with the 6 Round concept and dates and locations will be sorted shortly.

I will be contacting and visiting current Sponsors over the next month or so to offer the opportunity to be on board again in 2017. There are a few new potential sponsors who have been in contact with me as well and I will have further discussion with them.

Finally I am open to comment on the choice of colour and style of the TEBS gear for next year.

cheers  Rossco