The Darwin Harbour Round boundary is basically a line from Nightcliff Jetty through to Mandorah Jetty. You may fish anywhere that you like inside of the boundary including the harbour arms.

Please make sure your scoring fish photos are on a measure device with the Round 4 Score Card visible. The scorecard will be sent out prior to the Round and will be available at the same time on the webpage. The scorecard will be in both colour and black & white. Your choice of which to use.

Your capture returns need to be uploaded to the website by 7pm on Monday the 28th August 2017.

There will be a prize for the biggest Queenfish and Mangrove Jack included in the Harbour Round. Send the photos of these fish to Remember to have the round card next to these fish on the measure device as well.

The TEBS ‘quality assurance’ team will review the uploaded brag mat photos and an email with the end results will be sent out by Friday the 1st September.

It would be great to get photos of people holding fish, any ‘mud-skipper’ photos and yarns about the Round. I would need these by Monday night so that we can compile a report for the media etc. These can be sent to me at

Please be aware of the possibility of increased marine traffic in and around Darwin Harbour and observe any current restrictions that may be in place.

I suggest VHF 65 for the Round as it is a public communication channel that does not appear to conflict with the Darwin Port Operation & Navy frequencies. Remember to keep it clean!

This post will also be available on the webpage.

Tight lines as they say.