Good luck over the weekend.

Please use the upload facility on the website for your catch returns. Returns should be entered before 1pm on Monday. Make sure the mouth of the fish is closed on the measure device. Any issues uploading returns should be directed to before 1pm on Monday.

There are prizes for biggest Blue Salmon, Threadfin Salmon and Queenfish, so please register these, if that is not possible send them into

Stories and general photo’s to please.

VHF 72 is the channel for this Round.

In light of recent on water and ramp checks by the Water Police please ensure your safety gear etc is current and is compliant.

Please take a minute to look at the Kenbi info sent out recently.

The Round 3 Scorecard link below will take you to the document with 2 photos. The scorecard does not need to be printed in colour. Alternatively you can print the photo below.

Round 3 Scorecard


Round 3 Scorecard