The third round of the Top End Series took place in Bynoe Harbour, and this year saw an extension of the boundaries to include more regions for fishos to explore.

It appears that wind didn’t have too much of a factor as on previous years but was still around in patches making choices for anglers of where to fish at certain tides. Water Temps were average for this time of the year which made chasing the Lates Calcarifer that little bit more challenging.

A few Anglers took advantage of the big nighttime lows to chase the Barramundi and were rewarded for their efforts.

There were 67 Barramundi caught for the round with the biggest going to Peter Cooper at 88cm.

This year saw only 3 competitors reach the bag limit of 5 fish and as with previous years sizes were on par with from what it appears to be a nursery playground for the Barramundi.

Craig “Lats” Latimore explained how every drain and flats held barra in significant numbers and fishing solo Sunday found bulk barra with perfect ladder sight casting conditions and was averaging around 30 fish per day, Lats was 1 of 3 anglers to get his bag of 5 fish all in the high 50s.

It appears there were plenty of “handbags” around Turnbull Bay this weekend and many anglers reported very friendly interaction with the locals who were keen to take advantage of a hooked barra for a quick feed with many anglers advising that the crocodiles would sit just off from the boat hoping to snare a barra when caught.

Good anglers are those that react to the conditions and it appears that a change of tactics was employed over the weekend by the very familiar top of the leader board Peter “Cuddles” Cooper.

Cuddles advised that the “fickle waters of Bynoe were good from the first spot to the last spot-on Sunday afternoon”. The tech advances of Active imaging have opened a lot of places I always suspected better size fish to be. Now every cast goes in front of them.  Coops also advised that going on the theory that big barra will always have big barra traits gave him clues as to where to locate them.

Fishing open water ledges and pressure points was key this weekend to finding the good size barra with the biggest at 88cm.

Luke Conlan nailed an impressive fish at 85cm, he said fishing was hard and even more so when his deckie was asleep when he caught the 85cm slab of chrome, having to yell at him to get up and net the big girl.  Luke also mentioned that it was caught using soft plastics in shallow waters adjacent to snake drains giving the theory that sometimes the flats are highways for big barra to travel with the deep snake drains providing the cover they need.

Sandie Dean and Crew advised it was a tough round to chase the barra but ended up with some cracking mangrove jack with Niall landing an impressive Tarpon.

Not sure who is smiling more Sandie or the Jack.

Clayton and his crew also got among some nice barra this weekend flicking around the mangroves and snake drains using soft plastics that seem to be the theme for the round.

So, the winners for this round were.

3rd Place with a great bag of fish John Keirs Jnr 57,60,53,58 and 76cm well done John.

In 2nd place was Luke Conlan who managed 3 fish but were up there in size with a 56, 71 and 85cm Great fish Luke.

And in 1st place was our very own Peter Cuddles Cooper with a very impressive bag of 75, 82,88,79 and 85cm congratulations to our winners or what was a tough round in a nursery playground.

Our attention now turns from one nursery to another with the 4th round of TEBS being held on our pristine local Darwin Harbour with a bit over 2 months to the next round should give our anglers the opportunity to make sure all their gear is ready to tackle one of the hardest rounds of the year.