Kai and Kyle love the Harbours

Round 2 and 3 Presentation night will be held at Nightcliff Foreshore 5:30pm Wednesday 29th June.


The Last time a Top End Barra Series round was held in a Harbour was in round 4 last year where Kai Argent and Kyle Chin fished together and came first and second. Well round 3 of the Top End Barra Series was held in Bynoe Harbour for the first time in the dry season over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of June, and guess what, they were able to replicate this result with Kai once again taking out the number 1 spot and Kyle coming in runners up. This is a pretty amazing effort, these two are certainly switched on in the Harbours and they will unquestionably be the ones to look out for in the final round in Darwin Harbour this year.


As we planned for this event back in July 2015 we were thinking that competitors may have been faced with cooler water temperatures and gusty conditions, although nothing could have been further from the truth. The weekend was hot and sweaty, with glassy conditions where anglers could comfortably sight fish on the flats for a large part of the day with water temperatures exceeding the 30 degree mark on the flats.


The Harbours are certainly an all year option with our results in the harbours in the build and now the dry season over the last few years being quite comparable. In 2014 we fished Bynoe in October where we caught 91 fish, and in 2015 we fished Darwin Harbour in the build up where 101 fish were registered, and now we have tested out the harbours in the dry season where we had a total of 82 fish registered. So in summing up, there are very similar amounts of fish being caught whether it is the dry or prime time build up.

In round 3 there were 82 fish caught, with 2 over 70cm and 21 in the 60cm range between 43 anglers. As is the case with the Harbours there were plenty of fish caught under 50cm along with all the other usual suspects such as Mangrove Jacks, Queenfish, blue salmon and threadfin salmon. Most notably there were some good sized threadfin salmon in the harbor with 4 caught that were over 60cm to the fork by Ben Mclean, Oliver Dinwoodie, James Mitchell and Steve Muntz with Steve Muntz getting the biggest at 67cm to the fork.

As mentioned earlier Kai Argent, last year’s series winner had another stellar performance filling his bag of five fish with a 78cm, 60cm, 60cm, 52cm and a 65cm totaling 470 points and claiming himself another round win. Kai will be off Helifishing with Helifish with the round 4 winner as part of his prize. Kai also received the Bigfish Gear Biggest Barra with a 78cm. Kai told me ‘we did a run out there two weeks ago with decent results and found a few spots to target and just stuck it out in those areas on the weekend. My 78 was on the same lure as all my others mate just a little green soft plastic. no need to change if its catching fish’.

Coming in second was Kai’s fishing partner in Kyle Chin who also filled his bag of five fish with a 75cm, 58cm, 56cm, 64cm and a 59cm totaling 450 points. Alex Felsch is also another angler who is on a role, and one to watch over the second half of the series. Alex finished 70th in round 1 and then bounced back to win round 2, and then he has continued to impress with third in this round. Alex finished with a full bag of 5 fish; 60cm, 59cm, 60cm, 61cm and a 53cm totaling 340 points. Rounding out the top 5 was Peter Cooper in fourth with 260 points and Andrew Dutton in fifth with 245 points.

At the halfway mark Kyle Chin leads the series with 518 points, followed by Ben Mclean with 457 points, third sits Shane Moon with 417 points, and fourth is Alex Felsch with 381 points and rounding out the top 5 with 357 points is Damien Lucas.


The next round will be at the Mary River Billabongs on August 13 and 14.




1st Place: Kai Argent 470 points: Helifishing Trip and Trophy (to be taken with Round 4 winner)

2nd Place: Kyle Chin 450 points: Wilson Venom Rod and Daiwa Zillion Reel

3rd Place: Alex Felsch 340 points: Wilson Venom Rod and 1 night’s accommodation at Daly River Barra Resort

4th Place: Peter Cooper 260 points: Plano Tackle box and 20 mixed Killalure and Classic lures (JM Gillies)

5th Place: Andrew Dutton 245 points: Go Pro courtesy of Smiley’s Rural Building

6th Place: Joe Sheridan 210 points: $250 Retail Reidy’s Pack and Bigfish Pack

7th Place: Damien Lucas 200 points: 55 Litre Waeco Esky

8th Place: Kelly Shipp 195 points: 2 days Camper Trailer Hire with Outback & Beyond Camper Trailer Hire

9th Place: Simon Bochow 185 points: $250 Go Hire Voucher

*10th Place: Andrew Pollard: 155 points: Leatherman Courtesy of True North Surveying and NAFA voucher (* There was an equal tenth place, although as stated in the rules in the event of a tie, the person with the largest fish is deemed to be the highest place competitor, Sorry Ryan)


=10th Place: Ryan Vidler: 155 points: Plano Dry Box and lures.


Bigfish Biggest Barra: Kai Argent 78cm: Bigfish Pack and Trophy

Junior Champion Angler: Mitchell Reilly: 63cm: Craig’s Fishing Warehouse Shirt

Runner Up Junior Champion Angler: Jesse Sellers: 53cm: Buff and Lures.


MYSTERY SIZES: Eligible to competitors outside the Top Ten, and goes to the highest placed competitor with that size fish.

Biggest Queenfish: Andrew Veal 50cm to the fork: Craig’s Fishing Warehouse Shirt (2nd was Ryan Vidler with a 48cm to the fork)

Biggest Threadfin Salmon: Steve Muntz: 67cm to the Fork NAFA Voucher plus Plano Tray (2nd was James Mitchell 65cm to the fork, and third was Oliver Dinwoodie 62cm to the fork)

Biggest Blue Salmon: Jarrod Crawley: 65cm to the fork: Roma Bar Voucher plus Plano Tray (Second was Damien Lucas with a 56cm to the fork)

Mystery Barra Size: 55cm: Jason Reynhout (Highest place competitor outside top ten with a 55cm) Shenannigans Voucher plus Plano Tray

Name Name Points Place
Kai Argent 470 1
Kyle Chin 450 2
Alex Felsch 340 3
Peter Cooper 260 4
Andrew Dutton 245 5
Joe Sheridan 210 6
Damien Lucas 200 7
Kelly Shipp 195 8
Simon Bochow 185 9
Andrew Pollard 155 10
Ryan Vidler 155 10
Mathew Coates 120 12
Sean Anderson 115 13
Jarrad Crawley 115 13
Shane Moon 115 13
Mark Pettit 110 16
Travis Baehnisch 105 17
Barney Rae 105 17
Leon Syme 100 19
James Mitchell 95 20
Andrew Veal 95 20
Mitchell Reilly 90 22
Jason Reynhout 90 22
Ben McLean 85 24
Luke Tibbits 85 24
Jake Leahy 80 26
Regis Martin 80 26
Ben Hardy 70 28
Mathew Johnson 70 28
Stephen Pennington 70 28
Brett Warren 60 31
Luke Carling 55 32
Glenn Dinwoodie 55 32
Robbie Roockley 50 34
Mark Allcorn 45 35
Evan Dixon 45 35
Wade Johnson 45 35
Steven Muntz 45 35
Helen Stuart 45 35
Tim Morgan 45 35
Jesse Sellers 40 41
Ashley Idsenga 30 42
Kieren Shaw 25 43

ATTACHED IS FULL SCOREBOARD AND SERIES POINTSRound 3 2016 Scoreboard Short Short Version – Round 3 2016 Series Scoreboard