Hi. Here is the Round 3  information for next week.

There were a few fish in Round 2 that were not measured correctly and adjusted down accordingly. This had no impact on final scores however.  Please refer to measuring below.

Round 3 Information: Mary River Billabongs –  Dates: June 10th & 11th 2017

Times: Start time 6am Saturday June 10th, finish time Sunday June 11th at 6pm

Where: Corrobboree, Rockhole, Hardies (if open), Mary River Bridge Lagoon, and Shady Fresh (upper side of the barrage only)

Round Card: The Round card will be sent out on Thursday 8th June and will also be on the TEBS website on that day.

Scoring: Results for Round 3 need to be uploaded by 5pm on Tuesday 13th June. The extra day is to compensate for the long weekend as people may choose to make the most of their time off.

Please use the upload facility  on the  tebs.fish  website.

If you do experience any difficulty with uploading your fish to the website please use the option of emailing to ross@tebs.fish as a last resort for this Round.

The results on the web will be provisional until I have checked them out and notify everyone officially. Given the work involved the end results may not be available until Friday 16th June.

Photographing Fish. Make sure mouth is closed or as close to closed as you can get. Please try to take clear photos. The Round card shall be in the photo.

Measuring. Please remember that fish will be sized down to the centimetre. For example, if the fish is between 58.00 to 58.9cm it will be scored at 58cm.

Photos: Send any quality fish and scenery pictures to ross@tebs.fish for inclusion on the web and other media.

Lures: It would be great if you could put the effort into telling us what lures your fish were caught on when uploading your images in the comments sections as this is helpful feedback to sponsors.

Prizes:  There will be the usual Round prizes up for grabs as well as a prize for the biggest Saratoga and Sleepy Cod.

Send your Saratoga and Sleepy Cod pictures to ross@tebs.fish

Camping: There is camping at Rockhole, Corroboree as well as camping and accommodation at Mary River Park and Corroboree Park Tavern for those that do not stay on their boat.

VHF Channel 72 for chatter.