It was a typical dry season weekend, sunny throughout the day with the temperature plummeting at night. Anglers were spread across the billabongs, with Corroboree being the most popular, as you’d expect. At Shady Fresh, there were large numbers of juvenile fish to keep anglers entertained. Scoring fish however were virtually impossible to come by. Hardies produced a fish for a couple of anglers but pickings were slim. Corroborree was where the bulk of the scoring fish were caught but don’t pack the boat and go just yet though… For every competitor who landed a fish, there’d be at least two dozen who didn’t. Here are some sobering statistics: only nine competitors caught the seventeen scoring fish, with the bulk of these fish landed by our series leader Peter Cooper. Well done also to James Park for capturing the biggest fish for the weekend, at 83cm, trolling at night.

Can we blame the poor wet for more mediocre fishing or are the fish simply lying dormant in the cool weather? No one really knows… Despite the lack of fish caught, competitors were generally positive about the weekend and just pleased to spend time exploring these unique habitats. A special mention must be made to ‘Banana Man’ who put on an eye-blinding laser show on Saturday evening for everyone to enjoy. If anyone works for customs however, you might want to catch up with this competitor as he seemed to have a boat filled with assorted types of contraband.


After round three, the series winner from 2018, Peter Cooper, is absolutely dominating the competition. From this point, he looks virtually unstoppable. ‘Cuddles’ is proving to be a very cunning competitor with vast amounts of TEBS experience. As Regis (TEBS Journalist) is away gallivanting the globe, the rest of the report will be made up of key information gathered from the top 5 round leaders who managed to raise a scale.


(1) Peter Cooper:

Peter fished Hardies Lagoon landing a few fish dropping plastics deep in the timber. He caught one fish trolling at night another at daylight trolling in the same spot. Peter found the fish by listening for boofing fish at night and returning during day light. Late on Sunday, Peter returned to Hardies to land a final scorer in the spot from the day before after the timber had the night to rest.

Stand out lures: Rapala X Rap and Zerek Flat Shads.


(2) Simon Bochow:

Simon and his dad caught several fish between them fishing Corroboree Billabong. Most of their fish were caught peppering snags with Fuze Baits. At night, Simon jagged a scoring fish on a Strada hard body.


(3) James Park:

James launched late on Saturday arvo at Corroboree. He fished most of the night with Kel before dropping him back at the ramp to catch a flight to the Gold Coast. James landed his two scorers at night trolling a large Bomber and a custom coloured Classic.


(4) Evan Dixon:

Evan fished Shady Fresh, Hardies and Corroboree on Saturday. He caught several undersized fish at Shady casting shallow, dead weed beds with a weedless plastic. Realising Shady was a bit of a nursery, the decision was made to move on to Hardies Lagoon. After casting for a number of hours to no avail, he and his decky decided to complete the full tour of billabongs and camp in Corroboree. On sun down, Evan caught his only scorer for the weekend. The 70cm fish was caught casting dead weed beds in the cutting after traffic had died down.

Stand out lures: Castaic Jerky J 5 inch (flasher rig) and a Z-Man 3 inch Minnow


(5) Brendan Harkness:

Brendan fished Hardies on Saturday. He managed a 67cm barra casting across weeds and lillies with a Z-Man Frog. He lost another two fish within the same hour.