The committee are monitoring a recent upgrade to the Top End Forecast areas which include the alternate venue for this weekend’s Top End Barra Series Round. We will await the BOM’s advice on the developing Flood Watch which is due to be revised by 1:30pm Friday 15th.

We will endeavour to run the round as scheduled however in the interest of competitor safety we will rely on the professional advice of the BOM. It is the committee’s position that, if a Watch or Warning is current for the round venue, we will Vacate/Relocate the Round.

There are currently no alternate venues to Shady Camp for this weekend’s Round. In the event of the Flood Watch remining in place as it stands, we will be forced to Vacate the round. A final committee decision will be sent to competitors no later than 4pm Friday 15th March.


TEBS Committee

(praying for sunshine)