Please use VHF Channel 72 this Round

Unfortunately the tides for Round 2 do not agree with everyone as  we have had some emails from people who have decided they will not fish this weekend. When we select tides it is not myself and Ross that pick them. We consult with people who have more knowledge than us on the locations in TEBS and we mix them up year to year for various reasons. For the first 4 years at the Daly we fished on Neap Tides. This year and the previous year we have fished on Larger Tides. There are fish on both the neaps and springs and it just takes different techniques to find them. In general neap tides equate to more fish, although generally a smaller size and the big tides equate to less fish but larger sizes.

There has been comment that the river is too dangerous at the moment.  The river is challenging and we have warned everyone about the Daly. The Nationals on the bigger tides saw 15 fish caught over the metre on the river. The concept of TEBS is to offer up a challenge to anglers in different locations and conditions.  The two largest competitions are held on this river either side of this round and they have gone ahead. Glenn and Ross have both been out on the river in the past three weeks and spoke to many National competitors about the safety of the river and we decided it is up to each individual as to whether they fish or not.

If you don’t want to travel on the Daly you don’t have to. It is a 6 round competition and we only calculate your best five rounds. If you want to come down the Daly and fish but don’t want to put up with the hazards you can fish upstream of Browns. We am sure a few are going to choose this option anyway.

We hope the Daly Round has not inconvenienced anyone in particular. When we plan for TEBS 6 months in advance we have to anticipate that conditions will be conducive to good fishing. Like the Nationals and the Classic we have no control of the results of the wet or the river conditions

Remember no one is forcing anyone to do anything that is perceived as dangerous or silly and you travel on the river at your own risk. If you don’t want to you don’t have to.

Tight lines.