As it has now become tradition, the second round of the Top End Barra Series took place on the mighty Daly River. A river full of obstacles (like other boats and propellers traps), but also full of promises. A place where the damage can be as big as the rewards… On the Daly everybody dreams of catching a metery. So let’s get this out of the way, this year no one did catch one during the competition hours… but congratulations to Daniel Hulbert, who joins the metre club, landing a 1.02 meter barramundi on Friday night. Well done on the incredible feat, albeit a fraction premature…

It was a round full of surprises and interesting anecdotes… here are a few:

Kai Argent for example, began his weekend with a flat battery, a faulty sounder and shortly after setting off two broken fishing rods. Nonetheless, he still managed to find the fish and finish in a respectable seventh position. Top ten in these condition, in anyone’s book, is an achievement.


On Saturday, the weather was hot, and the rain nearly absent, but the night was fresh enough to permit a good night’s sleep even to those aboard their boats. Simon Bochow on the other hand, who thinks sleep is over-rated, cleaned up from the banks of Bamboo. Amidst the sounds crocodiles, buffaloes and dingos, he could clearly make out a much more heart-warming sound… The sound of two burnt out competitors, who’d fallen into a deep slumber, missed the bite window and were loudly snoring throughout all the chaos that unfolded for the dedicated. A feat that deservingly acquired Simon third place.

An incredible tale, worthy of a mention was a 77cm barramundi that apparently took a lure that was not even in the water. Peter Cooper, who was about to cast at the mouth of Elizabeth, received an incredible shock when apparently this fish launched itself from the water and snatched his lure which was suspended mid-air above the water’s edge.

Evan Dixon got his biggest barramundi for the round also with an interesting technique… While enjoying a sanger sandwich with one hand, he was static fizzing against the current with the other when an 82cm fish exploded in the darkness. The technique coined ‘stizzing’ apparently isn’t the only one mastered by this angler, apparently he has caught the odd fish ‘whizz-fizzing’ but we will leave that story for another day.

On the topic of lures, barra throughout round two were caught on many different lures, from the traditional Classics, Bombers and B52 in various sizes through to traditional soft plastic and vibes. I personally found some success with a double tailed minnow imported from the motherland (France) and gave over 25 different lures a swim. Other competitors like Mark Grosser stayed faithful to their favourites and caught all their point scoring fish on the one lure, which in his case was a silver Classic +3.

It is said that the world belongs to those that rise early, but those who stayed up late seemed to do all the partying over the weekend. So for this very round we have in second place: Simon Bochow with a bag of 71, 74, 76, 78 and 81cm Barramundi; and first was Peter Cooper with 71, 79, 77 (night Jumper), 75 and 85. Now with Peter already taking second place in round 1… all I can say to the other competitors in the 2018 Top End Barra Series is… it’s time to wake up!