Top End Barra Series 2016

Round 1 kicks off at Shady Camp at 6am on 5th of March and end at 6pm on 6th March.

Good luck to all involved and most importantly I hope everyone has a great weekend. The Shady round is a challenging start to TEBS.

The poor wet to date will present us with a few challenges this year but as past years have shown there are quality fish to be found.

TEBS focuses on being a fun and friendly but competitive competition. TEBS is an opportunity to make new friends whilst challenging yourself to get a few fish. Help keep up this tradition and please lend a helping hand at the boat ramp as it may be a little hectic this weekend. Give everyone in a purple shirt a big wave and a thumbs up and importantly display good behavior.

The success of this competition relies on honesty. Fish within the boundaries and only claim your fish in the designated time frame of 6am Saturday to 6pm Sunday.

Score Card

The Round 1 Score Card will be emailed out Thursday evening.

The Round 1 Score Card is to be placed next to your catch on the measure device used. Alternatively you may place a copy of the weekend NT News next to your fish. Ross generally has spare score card copies in his boat.

Catch Returns

At this point in time please send in your measured catch photos to on Monday morning 7th March by lunchtime. No late returns will be accepted without prior arrangement.

Please note that we will be trialing a new system on our website whereby you as the competitor will directly upload your catch returns. Please have a look as this facility on the website. It is currently in test mode so feel free to have a play. We may make it live for this Round. We will advise you if this is the case.

 Round 1 Boundaries:

You can fish anywhere along the coast between and including Marsh Creek and the Wildman . You can fish the Tommycut and Sampan Systems including Shady Fresh. For those who don’t want to battle the crowds at Shady you can fish in the Mary River Bridge Lagoon.


It has been a poor wet season and therefore launching at Shady is not ideal. If launching concerns you it would be best to launch and retrieve on the upper part of the tide. Up to 4 +hours may need to be added to the Darwin tide time of the day. However this is difficult to predict.The first few bends will probably be low. If you have not been before or you are unsure, please launch at high tide as this is a much safer option. The Shady Camp Ramp can be chaotic so please help each other and be patient.  If you choose to fish in the Shady fresh water side, there is a launch facility to the left of the carpark on approach to the barrage. Mary River Bridge Lagoon has a good ramp as well

General Photos

Please send any general photos of the weekend such as you holding fish, boats, landscapes, people, action etc to by 5pm Monday night. Glenn will put them together for the website & Facebook. We had some great photos in the past few years and it would be great to keep up that tradition.

The basic rundown for Round 1.

You can measure fish on a brag mat or the TEBS or similar measurement sticker. Make sure the mouth of your fish is closed. The organizers will have the final decision on the measurement of the fish.

You can register your best 5 Barra over and including 50cm. Once you have your 5 fish you can upgrade by dropping off your smallest one. Please observe the local personnel possession limits and other regulations.

Please refer to your 2016 TEBS Info booklet sent out with entry forms

Round 1 Prizes

The prize pool will include 1st to 10th place, Biggest Barra, Biggest Threadfin (to fork),

3 x Mystery Size barra and Highest Scoring Junior