Update on Boundary for Round 1.

We have decided to open the Round 1 boundary to include the mouth of the Daly. Basically a line drawn from the Reynolds to Anson 1. This will open up a bit more river and maybe lessen the pressure on creek mouths upstream. Care will still need to be taken and the map should be taken for what it is, a guide only. This is our best interpretation of the track to follow after Clear. There will be shallow bits !!

Here are the options for the Scorecard for Round 1.  Your choice of colour or black & white. Word docs or jpg.

Please place scorecard next to your barra on the bragmat / measure when taking the photo.

The ‘mystery’ fish for round 1 is the humble catfish. Be brave. Place the scorecard with the catfish on the measure and upload to the website on Monday where indicated. Don’t forget about the Iron Jack Legend photo as previously mentioned on our other media.

Round1Scorecard Colour

Round1Scorcard B&W