How to measure your catch


Fish Measurement = 66 cm


Measuring Requirements


  1. Enable time and date metadata for your photos.
  2. Fish must be measured using the provided TEBS measuring sticker on hard frame with nose stop (Aluminum frames can be purchased from TEBS).
  3. Round card or current newspaper must be in photograph.
  4. The fish’s snout must be touching the nose stop and be free of lures or lifting devices.
  5. The fish’s mouth must be reasonably closed. The example above is acceptable.
  6. Fish that measure between centimeter increments shall be recorded at the lower of the two increments. For example, the fish above is between 66 and 67 cm and will be recorded as 66 cm.
  7. The Measure Panel may downgrade (or upgrade) fish size as deemed appropriate.


Uploading results

  1. Your 5 biggest barramundi are uploaded for scoring.
  2. Cut off time is 6pm Monday unless prior discussion has been made with Measure Panel for unforeseen circumstances. Contact or another committee member.
  3. Resize images to approximately 1 MB before uploading. This is simple and fast using an app such as Image Compressor. Simple screen shots are not accepted.
  4. Check resized photo resolution shows tail detail when zoomed in as shown above.
  5. Go to tebs. Fish Website, select upload results and follow the prompts.
  6. Any notes or stories about your catches are very helpful for our publishing team.
  7. Please check your email through the week in case Measure Panel are trying to make contact.