Hi Competitors,

Weather forecasts are showing some solid rain for the Top End Catchments from next week as the MJO moves into the Australian Sector.

The TEBS committee is watching this and will change the round location if required..


The 10 day rain accumulation totals are predicted at around 200 mm across the entire Daly catchment.

With the Daly already pretty soaked it won’t take much to see the river returning to flood.

The round is still some way off and weather forecasts can change.

If we get a low forming it could still drag the weather away so it is not ‘a fait accompli’ just yet.

We will make a decision on round location when we reach certain trigger points.


If a flood watch or flood warning are issued by the BOM we will move the round location.

The round dates will be the same.


In this way we are making decisions based on the best professional advice available.

It also means that we may not make changes until the very last day/s before a round.


We will not cancel rounds if the weather is simply ‘bad’.

In this case it remains the responsibility of individual skippers to make decisions on where and when they fish.

Heavy rain is unlikely to exclude Shady unless the road is closed.

The road has remained open all Wet Season the last few years, so this is also unlikely.

For these reasons we will, if required, move to Shady as the next best option.


Let’s hope we get a window to fish the Daly.

I for one will be as disappointed as many of you if we have to shift the round two years running.