Tide Times

Darwin tide times (Add approx. 6-7 hours at Brown’s creek)

Sat 5th   0210 – 1.49m

0758 – 7.36m

1407 – 1.28m

2020 – 7.74m

Sun 6th  0242 – 1.36m

0833 – 7.29m

1433 – 1.68m

2041 – 7.49m


General Information

The first round of TEBS 2022 is fast approaching and this year we have gone for a change up with a Wet season round at the Daly river.

This is always a risky option because we can’t predict the monsoon. In the event the river is flooded out and unfishable the alternative venue is Shady Camp and Coastal Creeks.  If the Daly river is flooded and unfishable then notification of change will be via a post sent out on Wednesday 2nd March 2022

However, if we have timed it right it has the potential to go off. Reports from one of our committee, Nick Hall are promising with 30-40 fish days already being reported on all the main creeks. The size is there too with fish all between 60 and 85 cm.

The tides are Springs and with the fresh flowing at this time of year we should see some great water clarity pumping out of the creeks and hopefully the big fish moving up the river.

Beware that even though the river may be up it will still be tidal. The tide can run in hard and rise quickly. Take this into account when choosing your anchorage. The flats around Clear Creek are always a trap on a falling tide. Also beware that new snags may have appeared that are not marked by floats. Be particularly cautious in the area from Brown’s Creek all the way down until you are past the S-bends for gear box smashing obstructions.

Communication will be on VHF CH 72.

As with all rounds please be respectful of the surrounds and other boat users on the water slow down when passing vessels and take care when navigating


The boundary is from the Daly River crossing to the mouth shown on the map. For those familiar with navigating the Daly this opens up new options.


If you are unfamiliar with the Daly stay in the upper reaches where there will be other boats and ask advice from the experienced TEBS crews.


Fishing is from 6am Saturday until 6pm Sunday.

Results for Round 1 to be in by 6pm on Monday unless a prior arrangement has been made with us.

Please use the upload results tab on the tebs.fish website.

If you do experience any difficulty with uploading your fish to the website please contact the Measurement Panel Co-coordinator, Morris Pizzutto, via Messenger.

Photographing Fish. Make sure mouth is closed or as close to closed as you can get.

When photographing your fish on the measure device ensure the mouth is closed and the round card is next to the fish. Clear photos make it easier for point score verification. Fish will be adjusted down by scorers accordingly if mouth is opened.

Fish will be sized down to the centimetre. For example, if the fish is between 58.00 to 58.9cm it will be scored at 58cm. If the fish is 57.9 or below it will be a 57cm.

The round card will be emailed out on Thursday 3rd March 2022

Social Media and TEBS Fellas

Photos of people catching fish, boats out on the water, action shots, landscapes, wildlife and people holding fish are all important to us to provide to Alex Julius’ NT News column, and to share on our social media.

One of the easiest ways to share stories of the weekend is to post your own Facebook article that our Social Media Co-coordinator Kieran Chin can share to the TEBS Fellas page for all of us to enjoy.