General Information

The first round of TEBS 2023 is on our door step and with this unpredictable weather at the moment we need to factor in the real possibility of changes at short notice.  The Daly is currently falling but there is rain predicted for later next week. At this stage we do not know the extent of the effect this will have on river height. If the Daly is only moderately affected we will be able to continue as planned. We have it on good advice from several of our better anglers that the fishing can still be good in a rising river. TEBS is a test of those skills and a chance to learn new tricks.

Safety is however of paramount importance and no fish is worth risking your life over.

With that in mind we have a bit of information that all skippers need to consider.

The round at the Daly river will be either cancelled or moved if we receive information of a Flood Watch, Warning or the river exceeds a height that is potentially unsafe for anglers. We will endeavor to get this information out as a post, and on social media so please check our website and your emails updates.

We will give as much notice as possible.

Conditions for reschedule of location or cancellation

In the event a BOM Flood Watch or Flood Warning are issued, where impact is likely to be seen over the weekend, and the river level is predicted to exceed the minor flood level (12.6 m at Police Station) will result in reschedule to Shady Camp.

In the event Shady Camp is also considered unsafe due to extreme weather the organizing committee may cancel the round.

Competitors are responsible for keeping updated on the TEBS Website and checking emails, leading up to the start of the competition, for any late changes.


Potential hazardous conditions Daly Round

The Top End Barra Series attracts anglers with various levels of experience.

Not all anglers and skippers may be aware of the particular hazards that could occur on the Daly River.

This round includes hazards such as potential river rises and large tides.

It is the responsibility of skippers to ensure the safety of their vessel and crews.

If you are not confident/experienced in the conditions that could occur next weekend make alternate plans.

For example, overnighting on the river at this time of year requires very careful consideration to find safe anchorage.

It may be safer to organise on land accommodation.

If the River is Rising.

The heightened current in the main river combined with floating debris require the skipper to be competent in operating in those conditions.

In particular, it would be extremely dangerous to anchor in a position in the river where the boat could be caught in debris.

Large trees will be floating down, so very careful consideration needs to be taken if planning an overnight anchorage.

Similarly maneuvering in strong current requires careful consideration. Be particularly careful not to put the vessel in a situation where it may be caught by the current and pushed side on into an obstruction such as trees, where it could be swamped.

Tidal Bore

Even in flood conditions there is potential for a tidal bore and likely rapid river rise on the tide change up to several meters.

The bore/rise will be greater the further you are down the river.

This occurs very quickly with little time to respond.

Careful consideration needs to be taken if anchored, particularly close to the bank and near overhanging branches etc, as the vessel can become quickly entangled and swamped.

Other Hazards

Beware that even though the river may be up it will still be tidal. The tide can run in hard and rise quickly. Take this into account when choosing your anchorage. The flats around Clear Creek are always a trap on a falling tide. Also beware that new snags may have appeared that are not marked by floats. Be particularly cautious in the area from Brown’s Creek all the way down until you are past the S-bends for gear box smashing obstructions.

Communication will be on VHF CH 72.

As with all rounds please be respectful of the surrounds and other boat users on the water slow down when passing vessels and take care when navigating


The boundary is from the Daly River crossing to the mouth shown on the map. For those familiar with navigating the Daly this opens up new options.



Fishing is from 6am Saturday until 6pm Sunday.

Results for Round 1 to be in by 6pm on Monday unless a prior arrangement has been made with us.

Please use the upload results tab on the website.

If you do experience any difficulty with uploading your fish to the website please contact the Measurement Panel Co-coordinator, Morris Pizzutto, via Messenger.

Photographing Fish. Make sure mouth is closed or as close to closed as you can get. make sure you use the approved measurement board as failure to do so will see your fish entered disqualified.  We will have extra measurement boards available for purchase at the hand out tues and thurs

When photographing your fish on the approved measure device ensure the mouth is closed and the round card is next to the fish. Clear photos make it easier for point score verification. Fish will be adjusted down by scorers accordingly if mouth is opened.

Fish will be sized down to the centimeter. For example, if the fish is between 58.00 to 58.9cm it will be scored at 58cm. If the fish is 57.9 or below it will be a 57cm.

The round card will be emailed out on Thursday 3rd March 2022

Social Media and TEBS Fellas

Photos of people catching fish, boats out on the water, action shots, landscapes, wildlife and people holding fish are all important to us to provide to Alex Julius’ NT News column, and to share on our social media.

One of the easiest ways to share stories of the weekend is to post your own Facebook article that our Social Media Co-coordinator Kieran Chin or Regis Martin can share to the TEBS Fellas page for all of us to enjoy.