Round 2 Information: Daly River

The time has come for the 2016 Top End Barra Series to head to the iconic Daly River for the first round of the TEBS dry season. Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th will see TEBS competitors embarking on the Daly River to fight it out for the honours of Round 2 Champion Angler.  The Daly had a good local wet this year and some good reports have come out of the river over the past couple of months so it could be ‘happy days’. It will really depend a lot on if there is bait in the river as to how successful the weekend will be. Let’s hope the bait turns up. There were 482 fish caught during the Barra Nationals. This equates to about 2 ½ fish per angler for the week.  There were a good number of metre + fish landed in the mix.  We will be fishing in similar water levels as the Nationals.

On the big tides the water is generally dirty downstream so be aware that you may not see some obstacles. Upstream the water should be much cleaner so there are a few options as to where to fish.  If you have never fished the Daly before there are many different methods to choose from including snag trolling and casting, flicking lures into creek mouths and eddies, trolling and casting to rock bars and of course trolling down the middle of the river with big lures. Fishing will no doubt be challenging. The only issue now is finding where the fish are and when they will attack your lure.

Please stay safe on the river, look out for stumps, sandbars and rockbars when driving and watch out for the tidal bore if you are anchored up when it roars up the river on the low tide.

Please show respect to all other users on the water as there will be a lot of other anglers and grey nomads on the river during the weekend.

Best of luck to everyone on the weekend.  Can’t wait to find out who will be off Helifishing as the round 2 Champion Angler after the event.


You are able to fish from Clear Creek, including inside Clear Creek to the upstream boundary of the Daly River Crossing.

Cautions:  Please see Hazards attachment. If you are not confident or don’t want to go through Browns, you can fish the 5 or so km of the river between Browns and the Boat ramp.


Fishing is from 6am Saturday until 6pm Sunday.  Results for Round 2 to be in by 1pm on Monday 9th May unless a prior arrangement has been made with us.

Please use the upload results tab on the website.

If you do experience any difficulty with uploading your fish to the website please contact Ross at 

The results on the web will be provisional until we have checked them out and notify everyone officially. The final Round 2 scores will be confirmed by Thursday.

LURES: It would be great if you could put the effort into telling us what lures your fish were caught on when uploading your images in the comments sections as this would be good feedback to hand send back to our lure sponsors.

Photographing Fish. Make sure mouth is closed or as close to closed as you can get.

When photographing your fish on the measure device ensure the mouth is closed and the round card is next to the fish. Clear photos make it easier for point score verification. Fish will be adjusted down by scorers accordingly if mouth is opened.

Fish will be sized down to the centimetre. For example, if the fish is between 58.00 to 58.9cm it will be scored at 58cm. If the fish is 57.9 or below it will be a 57cm.


Photos of people catching fish, boats out on the water, action shots, landscapes, wildlife and people holding fish are all important to us to provide to Alex Julius’ NT News column, use for our end of year photo book and to put on our web page and Facebook page. If you have taken a few shots would you please email them to on Monday and Glenn will collate them and create a Facebook album with all the photos on Monday.  Also if you want a chance to have your photo in the NT News on Thursday please make sure your pictures are in high resolution format.

Accommodation: If you are looking for somewhere to camp or book a cabin for round 2 or in the lead up please call Stu and Marni of the Daly River Barra Resort who are sponsors of the Top End Barra series on 08 8978 11 93 or check out their web site for more details.


1st Place: Helifishing Trip and Trophy (to be taken with Round 1 winner)

2nd Place: Wilson Venom Rod and Daiwa Zillion Reel

3rd Place: Wilson Venom Rod and 1 night’s accommodation at Daly River Barra Resort

4th Place: Plano Tackle box and 20 mixed Killalure and Classic lures (JM Gillies)

5th Place: Go Pro courtesy of Smiley’s Rural Building

6th Place: $250 Retail Reidy’s Pack and Bigfish Pack

7th Place: 55 Litre Waeco Esky

8th Place: 2 days Camper Trailer Hire with Outback & Beyond Camper Trailer Hire

9th Place: $250 Go Hire Voucher

10th Place: Leatherman Courtesy of True North Surveying and NAFA voucher

Bigfish Biggest Barra: Bigfish Pack and Trophy

Junior Champion Angler: Craig’s Fishing Warehouse Shirt

MYSTERY SIZES: Eligible to competitors outside the Top Ten, and goes to the highest placed competitor with that size fish.

Mystery Fish 1: NAFA Voucher plus Plano Tray

Mystery Fish 2: Roma Bar Voucher plus Plano Tray

Mystery Fish 3: Shenannigans Voucher plus Plano Tray


We take no responsibility for this information as stumps can pop up anywhere. Most of us have hit ones where they did not think there was anything before. Gearbox repairs are expensive.

Drive on the Daly at your own Risk.

Browns Creek is different this year.

The tide difference varies, but normally at Browns it is around 6 – 7 hours’ difference to Darwin Tide Times. I would advise that it would be easier to get over Browns on the top half of the tide if you have not been through it recently.

There was a lot of Prop damage during the Nationals but that is just the nature of fishing the Daly during a competition. Be careful and you should be fine. When in doubt idle.

There are three major hazards on the river from the main boat ramp.


Bamboo Creek has heaps of big logs that like to eat props.

Browns Creek: See map and photos for advice on going over Browns

When you get to Browns from upstream keep an eye out for the rockbar on the portside. You will see the water rippling over it. Go around this via the middle of the river and then follow the advised path on the map.

Attached is map and Information that Ross sent out earlier after he travelled on the river.

The attached image will give you an indication of the best passage through Browns Creek for Round 2.  It is shallow and there are logs. The sandbar now spreads right across to the left hand bank (heading downstream). The safest navigation is to proceed up Browns itself and skirt the island back to the main river. Follow the right hand bank (going downstream) along the cliff and then you can basically head across to midstream and follow your normal route. Be aware that there is a submerged rockbar as you come out of the Browns bends near the start of the straight toward Charlies.  There are also some new logs about the river in general so be careful. Woolianna sandbar is passable with care on a making tide.

Proceed slowly or you will damage your boat.

mudmap B3 B2 B1   Browns


Main Rock Bar also called Kangaroo Rockbar: The Main Rockbar is about 3km upstream of No fish. This is simple to get past, but if you have never been on the river it is very dangerous. It is in the middle of the river and is fully exposed on a low tide with many skeg marks. When you come to it from upstream, travel past it on the left hand side. There is a big tree which you need to go very close to. After you go past the tree stay on LHS for a 100m metres or so then turn back into the middle of the river. There can be random timbers caught up here at any time, so take care through here. Don’t go too close to the bank, as there was a stump there last year.  The water currents here should tell you what is going on.


Bottom of the S Bends:  This in my view is one the most dangerous places for prop damage. As you turn right from upstream there are a few random stumps that are marked and exposed on most parts of the tide.  When you turn left, don’t go wide as there is a rockbar on the low tide which extends half way out, so cross on the inside but not too close to the corner. As you travel down this section particularly at the end of it there are around 5 or so stumps. These are normally almost covered on a high and all exposed on a low. This is a good place to take it easy through here to save any damage.  is a sand bar on the left hand side which is exposed during the low, but it does not come across the river to cause any dramas.