It has been a challenging year for many, so fishing weekends are certainly a privilege. It certainly appeared that way over the weekend, with slightly less competitors taking the opportunity to hit water. You probably would be forgiven for thinking otherwise however, given the rugged state of the dirt tracks. With the weather warming, tides and wind easing last weekend certainly looked like it was timed to perfection. Competitors were spread from Leaders Creek through to the top of Castle Creek on the Adelaide River.
With prime conditions this year, the results for this round were certainly an improvement from 2019. Last year there were 17 scoring fish and this year approximately 40. To be honest however, the results given the optimal conditions fell well short on expectations. Who knows why? Is it due to consistently poor wets? More pressure on these fishing locations? Or perhaps even a lack lustre effort? Personal, I think a combination of each… According to one angler, the fishing was best on Friday evening and steadily became tougher as the tides eased. Some competitors switched between locations in desperate attempt to find feeding fish, yet few were rewarded.
Something the two years had in common, other than tough fishing, was the same angler leading the round results. For a second year in a row, Kai Argent has showed everyone how to deliver the goods at this location. Kai filled his bag with five legal fish to 82cm. Kai is an old hat and his experience on the water is telling. Other reports for this round are scarce, but according to a few, the fish were hiding deep in the thick of snags. Only the perfectly placed cast or tight troll run was rewarded. 3” Zmans again pop up as a stand out lure. It might also be a quietly guarded secret, but dark lures are returning to fashion with the theory of contrast growing momentum.
An Iron Jack nomination over the weekend went to Mark Grosser. Mark spent an hour or so trying to assist Alex Couzens at the ramp with woes of flat battery. After about an hour of swapping batteries and mucking around, the two anglers put the car battery in the boat, took it for a spin and managed to revive it. It was also nice to see a number of young TEBS families and competitors joining in on the action over the weekend. A decent raft up of half a dozen boats was also reported on Saturday night, so despite all the odds, the spirit of the competition remains strong.
Interestingly, missing the last round due to personal commitments was Peter Cooper. He is again back on the leader board coming in at a very respectable 2nd place. You’d be naive thinking a missed round would put this man out of contention. Coming in third for this round was Phil Newton, landing the biggest fish at 86cm. In fourth place was Tim Bolch, who is proving to being a consistent competitor and fifth, Alex Couzens. Alex impressively also filled has bag but the fish were a bit short on length.
All eyes now turn to the billabongs and reports have been promising. A few night time slappers are turning up on the social media grape vine. Whispers of trolling up the guts are well short of a secret and perhaps this year we will catch a little more than frost bite. Until then, tight lines…