I plan to have the 2017 Shirt packs available to pick up on Wednesday this week.  The packs are still minus the hats unfortunately and a delivery time-frame is still unknown for them.

Given the weather at the moment I will use one of the covered bbq shelters at the Jingili Water Gardens in Freshwater Road. Most likely the one near the colourful covered play equipment if it is not being used.  I plan to be there from 4.45pm until around 6.45pm.

If you are unable to make it please let me know by email so that I can make alternative hand over arrangements.

I realise a lot of people are in the Palmerston & rural area so an option is for me to go to somewhere like Marlows at a similar time on Thursday to hand them out if that is easier for you lot. I plan be out that way visiting the Tacklebox on Thursday anyway.

As previously advised I will not be in town from Friday this week and am returning on the 19th. That gives me a couple of days before Round 1 to get out the leftover bags.

More on Round 1 later this week.